37 Signs You Went To Fordham University

With a ram! A ram! A ram for victory! Except when it comes to winning an A from the NYC Health Inspector. Or most sports.

1. People often mistook you as saying “Florida” when you told them where you went to school. Eventually, you stopped correcting them.

2. You judged people on where they lived freshman year.

Queens kids were straight-edge nerds, Hughes kids partied 24/7, Tierney kids were a weird cult, and you couldn’t tell North or South apart unless you lived there. (These stereotypes were accurate maybe half the time.)

3. Your name is carved or written on a wall somewhere in the Jolly Tinker.

4. Pizza is good, but love is it!

5. This guy is a legend.

6. You would rather take the D train all the way back to the Bronx and walk down Fordham Road back to campus than sit in the backseat of the ramvan.

7. Speaking of ramvan, you were livid when they moved the office to the parking garage.

Unless you lived in O’Hare or Tierney.

8. You’ve snuck someone in through a window because you forgot to get a guest pass.

9. Or you signed them in under a fake name and room number to avoid a fine for breaking 3 a.m. guest curfew.

Perhaps you used George Washington as your alias.

10. Hey, did you know U2 played on Keating steps one time?

If you forgot, you can…nope. You won’t forget. Even if you weren’t there when it happened. No one will let you forget.

11. It took you an embarrassing amount of time to master how to swipe into the library without setting the alarm off.

12. Also how to get around in Keating.

13. You’ve dropped a class for no other reason than that it was in FMH.

14. At least 65% of your friends were from Long Island, New Jersey, or Westchester.

15. You were so disappointed when the Candy Lounge got shut down.

Especially if you never got a chance to go.

16. Buffalo Chicken Wraps from the grill were the only delicious food on campus.

17. You didn’t feel confident taking finals until you got your French toast sticks from Father McShane at midnight breakfast.

18. Having a nativity or two on campus at Christmastime wasn’t weird to you.

Neither were the Lent flyers… Fordham knows how to do Catholic guilt right.

19. You couldn’t wait for senior year homecoming so you could finally drink in the homecoming tent.

20. Notable alumni you can name off the top of your head: Denzel Washington, Lana Del Rey (even though she dropped out), Albie Manzo, and Greg Bennett of Real Housewives of New Jersey fame.

22. You half-believed the rumor that if you climbed Keating bell tower or tried to get into the tunnels, you’d get expelled.

You probably tried anyways.

23. Vince Lombardi went here, but the football team isn’t what it was in his day.

24. Security alerts were a regular topic of conversation.

25. You knew it was officially spring when you could get a contact high by walking past Eddie’s after dark.

26. You were disgusted but not surprised when multiple campus eateries failed health inspection.

Not the grade the school got but rather the grade the White Castle across E Fordham Road got.

27. You lived for spring weekend.

28. Rose Hill > Lincoln Center. Sorry.

I mean.

29. You could be enticed to any event or program by free Tino’s and you know that Estrellita has the best guacamole around.

30. You feel like you know Frank Bulfamante personally.

31. You survived Martyr’s.

If you didn’t, enough of your friends lived there for you to know that’s a major accomplishment.

32. Beer city, not beer cave.

This just seems wrong.

33. The post office at the beginning of the semester is like a personal hell.

34. No class on Wednesdays meant a definite trip to the Bronx Zoo.

It’s free!

35. Senior nights were loud and inconvenient until you were a senior, then they were awesome.

Plenty of cheap beer to get you drunk(er) in McGinley 2nd.

36. Senior week was the most fun and also most nostalgic week of your four years.

37. And of course, now that you’ve graduated, you’re going forth and setting the world on fire.

Saint Ignatius would be proud.

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