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20 Times Cats Were Aliens

These cats are on their hind legs like they have a point to prove. Well, yes, they are from outer space and we are their next vessels, or whatever.

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If you are reading this...

it is already too late.


Gravity is optional.

2. Caught exiting the secret portal!?

You know, that dark abyss where the rest of the group hangs out.

3. This dance is to attract their mate...

No it's not. Stop being naive. You'll get us killed. This dance is meant to attract their human host.


Evidence of witchcraft: real cats would have scratched up that leather couch by now.

5. They've learned how to follow complex tunes.


Swaying side to side has always been the devil's work.

7. No object sacrifice will sate them.

They want blood.

8. Where are they going...?

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It starts early...


and just keeps getting worse.

11. You may laugh now...


but they're just getting ready.


They know we're watching.

14. Let me in...

Do not make eye contact with them or invite them over thresholds. Apply salt liberally to entrances.


The camera blurring is the atmosphere morphing to accommodate the alternate universe this feline just created and trapped you in.

16. Give me my baby back!

We all know this cat did it.

17. Daily reminder that cats could kill us at their whimsy.

They just like to watch us clean up their clumps of poo. Which shows how truly sick these creatures are.


It was the perfect set-up...


Act normal...act normal...


Their only known weakness? Fitted blue tees. Spread this information widely.

But alas, the disease is spreading...

Are you at risk? Well, yeah, if you eat kibble with your outside cats you're already part of the problem.

Our forests are not safe either...

Yogi the Bear is real. And he has a sidekick: Boo Boo.

In the end...

you can't escape.

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