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20 Cats Who Understand The Pains Of Eating Too Much

It's the time of year when you consume as much food as possible in the company of your friends and family - like a Thanksgiving dinner. But sometimes, you push your stomach capacity to the limit. These 20 cats feel your pain.

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1. You use the couch to prop yourself up, because sitting up is just too hard.


2. You get the meat sweats, so you put down a towel to prevent slipping off your leather couch.


3. You're thirsty, but can't bring yourself to get off the floor.

4. You want to get some fresh air, but you don't want to walk.

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5. You worry about the ominous sounds that start coming from your stomach.

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6. You accidentally pass gas, and prey that no one heard it.

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7. You bury your head in shame after eating your second helping of dessert. (Because you shouldn't have to choose between cake & pie)


8. You want to sprawl out on the floor, but you fall asleep before you get there.

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9. You can't even handle the weight of a blanket, so you camp out by the fireplace to keep warm.

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10. You spend most of your time in the bathroom once your body is finally done digesting all that food.

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11. You can't seem to get comfortable, no matter what position you lay in.


12. You don't want anyone to take your picture because you feel like a blimp.

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13. You feel like all that food could come back up at any moment.

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14. You feel like you look massive, no matter what you're wearing.

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15. You no longer have the energy to surf online for funny cat pics.


16. You can now use your full stomach as a cushion to lean on.


17. You find that even the act of breathing can become a challenge.

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18. You literally can't move - no matter what the circumstances.


19. You feel your entire body jiggle when you sneeze.


20. You swear that you'll never eat that much again.


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