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    25 Father's Day Gifts From Lowe's That Are Actually Super Practical

    There's no better gift than one that eliminates problems around the house.

    Hi shoppers! At this point, it's likely that some gifts may not arrive in time for 6/18: it all depends on the retailer, the item, where you live, and how much $$$ you're willing to spend on expedited shipping.

    Be sure to check out Lowe's full shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for when you need it.

    1. A Google Nest Smart Thermostat because an item with over 9,000 5-star reviews simply has to work well, right? Dad can control the temperature from his phone or from the thermostat with its super-easy interface. And the cherry on top: It eventually learns the temperatures you like and programs itself.

    2. A smoker because your dad is the ultimate pitmaster. Smoking is a fine art, and with this, he will be a fine artist.

    person using the smoker

    3. And if Dad is more into letting technology do the grilling for him, this electric smoker will give him more time to play badminton in the yard while the meat gets cooked just rignt.

    a black electric smoker in the backyard

    4. But if Dad feels like staying in, a Ninja indoor grill will let him continue building his pitmaster skills under the oh so cool AC.

    the indoor grill surrounded by food

    5. A practical Greenpan 10-piece ceramic cookware set with lids crafted with nonstick materials (free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, or cadmium) because Dad enjoys cooking that doesn't require grilling, too.

    Image of the black cookware set

    6. A compact brushless drill and driver impact kit that will make Dad's next DIY home improvement project easy peasy. Also, when well maintained, these babies last forever.


    7. And for all of Dad's smaller jobs around the house, a reliable toolbox will keep everything he needs in one place.

    A red toolbox holder in a room with wood

    8. A beverage cooler that has room for 140 cans! Whether Dad's libation of choice is beer or La Croix, there will be enough space in here to keep him quenched all summer long!

    The cooler

    9. A cordless, electric lawn mower because the lawn is the first impression of the house, and Dad always likes to make a good first impression.

    a person pushing a cordless, electric mower on a lawn

    10. A cordless circular saw that'll make short work of any piece of pesky wood for when Dad is building the new treehouse for the summer. Short work literally because the saw will make the piece of wood shorter. *ba dum tss*

    a person using a yellow and black cordless circular saw to cut wood

    11. A wood-burning steel fire pit so Dad can enjoy long nights no matter the season. Whether winter chill or summer winds, the fire is always welcome.

    steel fire pit on patio

    12. An Amazon Echo Dot so Dad can start the tunes whenever he's cooking or eating dinner. If dinner is involved, Alexa is ready to provide some background music, start a timer, or even look up measurements for you.

    The echo dot speaker resting on table

    13. And for some extra synergy, this smartplug will link any device around the house to your new Echo Dot! Dad will love being able to turn everything off with just a word.

    The smart plug hooked up to kitchen coffee maker with speech bubble reading "Alexa, turn on the coffee maker."

    14. A deep fryer so Dad can make his favorite carnival-style fried food whenever he wants. Onion rings, fried chicken, funnel cake, is anyone else hungry yet?

    The deep frier on a dinner table next to other food and drink

    15. A pulse-controlled blender with stainless steel blades to crush ice into frozen dust. Summer is here and Dad is ready to be sipping cold margs.

    The blender with fruit inside next to two smoothies

    16. Or if Dad is in the mood for some vino instead, this electric wine bottle opener — it makes getting that cork out as easy as pie (because he's having pie with his wine right?).

    Someone using the wine bottle opener to open a bottle of wine

    17. A toaster so Dad can have his bagel, English muffin, or, of course, toast ready in a jiffy. Plus it's a super fun color so using it is sure to brighten his day every morning.

    The toaster with two pieces of bread inside next to a loaf of bread and jar of jam.

    18. A bidet attachment because Dad deserves an elevated experience in the bathroom every day. Give him the gift he never knew he wanted this Father's Day.

    19. An Amazon 4K Fire TV Stick so Dad can stream his favorite media apps (in high-def, no less) with zero hassle.

    the fire stick with Alexa voice remote

    20. A portable plug-in LED work light that'll light up the house like Times Square when Dad is taking care of all the pesky tasks no one else wants to do.

    the blue worklight on workshop table

    21. A single-serve coffee maker because Dad needs his coffee fast and fresh before work in the morning (or before he heads out to play golf).

    The coffee maker disassembled and mug

    22. A self-emptying robot vacuum so Dad can take vacuuming off his list of chores this Father's Day. Really the greatest gift of all is time, right?

    The vacuum coming down split carpet and hardwood floor clearing up debris and dirt

    23. A splurge-worthy three-piece office desk so Dadcan enjoy those work-from-home days in fine style.

    Image of brown office desk

    24. A helpful Phillips USB charging mat that Dad can put on his new desk. A study once read that people spend a month of their lives plugging charging cables into the wrong slot. Imagine what Dad can do with that extra month.

    Image of a phone on the charger

    25. And to complete Dad's new office, a contemporary executive chair equipped with a ventilated mesh back, built-in lumbar support, and plenty of adjustable settings to customize his working comfort.

    Image of purple chair

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