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28 Times Naya Rivera Was The Most Flawless Person On Instagram

If you don't follow her, you totally should.

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1. When she posted this chill holiday pic.

2. And again a year later when she showed off the view.

3. When she gave us a little Brittana love.

4. When she proved that nobody can wear a ridiculously enormous faux-fur coat like she can.

6. When she posted this blonde bathroom selfie and, unlike many before her, managed not to get a toilet in the background.

7. When she rocked a #TBT like nobody's business.

8. Like this Father's Day #TBT.

9. When she proved she can pull off a hat with this mirror selfie.

10. When she posted this chill "just left the airport" picture. No un-flawless person leaves an airport looking this calm and put together.

11. When she posted this on-set Glee selfie with on-screen girlfriend Demi Lovato.

12. Or when she made everybody jealous by showing us the Glee puppet of herself.

13. When her car selfie put all other car selfies to shame.

14. When she showed her followers the ridiculous cuteness that is her dog Lucy.

15. And when she posted this pic of the two of them together.

16. Or when she and her other dog Emmy hit Friday evening rush hour.

17. She clearly loves dogs.

18. When she posted a selfie from the Devious Maids set.

19. And when she graced us with some throwback selfies from Glee.

21. When she posted this amazing costume, owning Halloween 2013.

22. When she killed it on the red carpet at the American Music Awards.

23. When she posted this flawless before-bed selfie.

24. Seriously, why does anybody else even try?

25. When her pregnancy announcement was perfect.

26. And when her baby bump just increased her flawlessness.

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