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    26 Reasons "Aristocats" Is The Greatest Disney Movie Of All Time

    Everybody wants to be a cat!

    1. First of all, the artwork is stunning.

    2. And secondly, its piano-playing, guitar-strumming set of characters is the finest ever assembled by the Disney gods.

    3. Georges is HILARIOUS.

    Like, seriously I wish I knew him in real life.

    4. And Marie is such a little lady...

    5. ...just like her goddess of a mother, Duchess...

    6. ...and their owner, Madame Adelaide.

    7. But Marie is also the princess of sass.

    8. Seriously, don't start a fight with her.

    9. In fact, all of the kittens have a little bit (read: the perfect amount) of attitude.

    10. Especially Toulouse.

    11. And they're all so talented!

    12. Again, just their mother.

    13. The kittens in the movie act like actual kids, too, throwing shade at the 14-year-old Disney princesses who act like 50-year-olds.

    14. Duchess is a perfect mother...

    15. ...through the good times...

    16. ...and the bad.

    17. But then again, how could she stay mad at them when they're so adorable?

    18. She gets her fill of romance in the end.

    19. And she receives charming compliments like this...

    20. ...from the sexiest cat that ever graced our screens, O'Malley.

    21. He is one smooth-talking feline.

    22. Now, Edgar may not be the most evil of Disney villains...

    ...but you still hate him with every fiber of your being.

    23. The other animals in the film are great too.

    24. Abigail and Amelia are goddesses of the goose world.

    25. And their Uncle Waldo isn't exactly what you'd expect.

    26. And basically, everyone is amazing!