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    Meet The Actors Of Passing Strange

    Get to know the talented group of actors in Passing Strange at Playhouse on Park

    1. Karissa Harris

    Karissa (Female Ensemble 1) is originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania. She has been a working actress regionally and in NYC since 2010. She also has spent 9 months working for Disney Cruise Line, performing on the Disney Dream cruise ship.

    Fun Fact: "My favorite color is Red- although I NEVER wear it. I don't even own a piece of red clothing."

    2. Famecia Ward


    This will be Famecia's (Mother) debut at Playhouse on Park. She is originally from Dawson, GA and Hartford, CT, and she attended Central CT State University. Besides having a background in the theatre world, she also served in the U.S. Army.

    Fun Fact: "My dog played "Toto" in my production of The Wiz at St. Joseph's college this August".

    3. Eric R. Williams

    Peter Hurley

    This will be Eric's (Youth) Playhouse on Park debut. He is originally from Atlanta, GA, but currently resides in New York City. He is also a graduate of Howard University in BFA Musical Theater.

    Fun Fact: "I know ALOT of music video choreography. From Michael to Janet to N'SYNC, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and probably anyone in between".

    4. Skyler Volpe

    Martin Bentsen

    This will be Skyler's (Female Ensemble 2) Playhouse on Park debut. She is originally from Port Washington, NY and a graduate from Connecticut Grad. Before being an actress for Passing Strange, she was an audience member for the performance of Passing Strange that Spike Lee filmed for the movie.

    Fun Fact: "When I'm not doing a show, I'm a ((305)) fitness instructor and a kid's yoga teacher."

    5. J'royce Jata

    J'royce (Ensemble) is originally from Jacksonville, Florida, where he studied Musical Theatre at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and dance at Jacksonville Centre of the Arts. He moved to New York City by himself on his 19th birthday with just about 20$ to pursue his dreams in the theatre world.

    Fun Fact: "I definitely still write in a journal".

    6. Garrett Turner

    Darren Bell - C / Darren Bell Photography

    This is Garrett's (Mr. Fanklin/Joop/Mr. Venus) Playhouse on Park debut. He is originally from Florence, Alabama and he received his Bachelors in Music and Creative Writing from Emory University and his Masters in Music Theatre in London at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama on a Marshall Scholarship.

    7. Darryl Jovan Williams

    This is Darryl's (Narrator) Playhouse on Park Debut.

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