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The Original Wiggles Might Reunite This Winter And This Is Not A Drill

Grab your fruit salad, everyone.

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They were basically The Beatles, but for kids. Next year marks the 25th anniversary of their debut, and if you want to relive your childhood, take a deep breath and sit down.

Last Wednesday, the original blue Wiggle, Anthony, tweeted this:

Anyone be interested in attending a pub gig,for over 18s Original Wiggles Reunion next year.Played live and loud!It's for a great charity?

Of course, people were interested, so he followed up with this tweet:

Great response! We get to help a mate,so dust off the old VHS tapes,The Original Wiggles will be doing a pub show for Over 18s,January 2016!


A PUB SHOW. WITH THE WIGGLES. IN JANUARY 2016. It's almost too good to be true.

Though you can probably expect this reunion to happen somewhere in Australia (where this band of rascals is from), no further details have been given at this time, other than that the original gang is reuniting to "help a mate."

Maybe it is time to dust off those old recordings of your favorite episodes in preparation for the special show, and prepare to get wastey-wastey with the Wiggles.

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