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Review: Broods - Free

The good has gone bad........ in a damn good way.

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Hallelujah we have new material from N.Z Electro-Pop duo Broods.

Amongst a long list of acts i am bursting to hear new material from in 2016, Broods rate highly. Its no secret that the 'Bridges' chart toppers know how to create youthful electronic pop, but 'Free' feels so different.

The track starts off with vocalist, Georgia Nott singing "i lose everything so i can sing, hallelujah I'm free", and its just that. 'Free' feels like the shackles have been ripped off and doors are getting kicked in. Purposely, this track is a glimpse into what we can expect from the new look and sounding chart topping N.Z duo.

This isn't the same old Broods we heard on 'Bridges' and 'Mother & Father', the good has gone bad, and boy does it feel right.

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