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May '16 Favourites

A little bit of everything from the month of May

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1. James Blake - Love Me In Whatever Way


One of the biggest highlights of the month for me was the release of 'The Colour In Anything'. Although old mate Needledrop describes the album as somewhat of a musical scrapbook, for me 'The Colour In Anything' is going to be hard to knock as album of the year. 'Love Me In Whatever Way' is one of the albums highlights, from the solemn piano to the eye rolling crisp vocal work - CRYING TO MUSIC NEVER SOUNDED OR FELT THIS GOOD!

2. Vera Blue - Settle

Ok hombre's, this here be hands down my favourite artist right now. Without going into her backstory (This new part of her career feels somewhat of a release of her musical past), Vera Blue is a new project of Celia Pavey, its a blend of folky vibes, with hints of electronic sounds. Having already had the pleasure of seeing/meeting her live - I know i talk some shit/nonsense here, but truly Vera Blue is a must see live!

Vocally Impeccable and for an artist who is the same age myself, her control is like nothing i have heard from someone in their early twenties. She is also one of the most genuine and humble young artists i have ever met.

'Settle' (although released as a single early this year) has already cemented a place amongst my 'Hottest 100' selections this year.

3. MOTHXR - Touch

This track hits peak at 2:53, again i am just a sucker for a juicy bassline and 'Touch' has one.

4. Morgan Page - The Longest Road (feat. Lissie) (Deadmau5 Remix)

Ah yes, my illustrious throwback for the month. One of my favourite remixes of all time, Deadmau5 still chucks this fan favourite amongst his sets, and rightfully so - IT STILL AN ABSOLUTE BANGER!

5. Vetiver - Stranger Still (Daniel T Remix)

It still boggles my mind that is in fact a remix. The sound design is super chill and legitimately #vibes. Again, ascension into bassline heaven with this 10/10.

I also zone out really hard when listening to this track, in a good way!

6. Skepta - Lyrics (feat. Novelist)

Lyrics 4 Lyrics Calm yo.

Bless, Skepta's fourth release 'Konicchiwa' is giving me some serious life RN. UK Grime is taking over and, i feel sorry for anyone that missed out tickets to this pioneer's return later this year.

7. Tourist - For Sarah

Talk about feels', this whole album......... my god.........

Tourist completely smashed it out the park, 'U' is easily one of the most solid debut's i have heard and it's sounds are exactly what electronic needs right now. From the albums tracklist to the sound design of its 10 tracks, this is why i love music.

8. James Blake - My Willing Heart

This gif pretty much sums up how this track makes me feel - CLICK HERE!

9. Tom Odell - Magnetize (Tube & Berger Remix)

BRUH, its Tube & Berger, these kings can do NO WRONG!

10. James Blake - I Need A Forest Fire (feat. Bon Iver)

I mean, its Bon Iver and James Blake.............. THIS COLLAB SELLS ITSELF

Keith summed up the emotion of 'My Willing Heart', now its your turn Dwight - CLICK HERE!

11. RALPH - Cold To The Touch

Discoesque Synth-Pop sounds like a mouthful flowing from my mouth, but it's exactly what Toronto vocallist RALPH has given us here.


I feel sorry for anybody that has caught me vibing to this track on the train this month. *Insert Clapping Emoji* because KAYTRANADA has successfully smacked his debut out the park.

13. Skepta - Konnichiwa

The album's title track is the perfect opening to one of the year's most exciting releases.

14. James Blake - Modern Soul

How amazing *sheds tear* is this album *shed more tears*............. CLICK HERE!

15. ZOSIA - Marma

The glorious '4am' section has a new addition.

16. Croquet Club - Careless Love

Wait, isn't this the same tune from that George Clooney Coffee ad? You know, the one where Jack Black thinks he about to get 'some'?

17. Tourist - Waves

'U' is full of experimental electronic sounds, which is why Tourist has been dubbed one of the many new faces of this new age electronic movement.

18. NATIVE SPIRIT - Look Around

Channeling their inner RUFUS, this hidden gem from Melbourne are a nice addition to this month's favourites.

19. Ryan Davis - Brun (Matthias Meyer Remix)

A 9 minute deep house epic. It doesn't get much better then this!

20. Cristoph - Control

If techno could kill, 'Control' would be its first suspect. Its dark, its '4am' and it goes hard AF. It's everything techno should be!


Yes, its 2 months old but, ANNA OF THE NORTH's latest remerged onto my radar this month. Hombre's it's time to reacquaint yourselves with the Scandinavian.

22. Cirez D - Century Of The Mouse

The king of progressive house has delivered a worthy piece of hard tech as his alter-techno ego in Cirez D.

23. Gonzo Jones - Technicolor

I am picking up some George Michael vibes here............. that aside, Gonzo Jone's is one the many great thing's happening with the folks over at Good Manners.

24. Kllo - Bolide

Remember the name - Kllo. These two are going to be freaking HUGE!

'Bolide' has already been a massive hit, clocking up a monster amount of plays online and again, this duo are yet another amazing reason to notice Melbourne label Good Manners.

25. ilan Bluestone & Maor Levi feat. Jeza - Shake The Air

I love one of the comments on this track. "Predictable AF". Their right though, as a massive fan of Anjunabeats, Ilan Bluestone and Maor Levi - i already knew how this track was going to play out. I still like it though, the vocals in the breakdown gel well and in typical Bluestone fashion - it sound's just like a machine.

26. Thomas White - Drunk Mind, Sober <3 (with RYAN Playground)

RYAN Playground 🙏❤️

27. TÂCHES - Dear Ishiv (Part I)

Ambient deep house.......... TÂCHES knows what's up.

28. Vacant - Southbound

Another massive semi-throwback here. This track from Vacant is a few months old, but "FUCK" its glorious. It's dark and, an a fine example of experimenting sounds.

29. Vera Blue - Fingertips

I present the next Vera Blue hit. Straight from her debut EP 'Fingertips', the title track is another example of why she is my favourite artist in music right now.

30. The Temper Trap - Burn

How good is that guitar at the start!

'Burn' sounds/feels like the Good Ol' Temper Trap days.

31. Penthouse Penthouse & Maribelle - About You (Fortunes. Remix)

A combination/collaboration of Crush Club Records finest.

32. Flume - Helix

Ok, i had zero fucking hopes for this album. Everything we were teased with last year, sounded very lacklustre and poor by Flumes standards. It's almost like Flume has gotten so big, he's gone an grabbed all these amazing people to work with and feels as though it's completely back fired. To much talent on one record can ruin it's vibe and 'Skin' sort of feel's like the perfect example.


However, i vibe the hell out of it's opening in 'Helix'. From it's ambient oriental build to the massive explosion into "YES, Flume this is YOU" at 2:32. Thank fuck i can pick something about this record, because Flume is one of those absolute worldwide premium electronic act's.

33. Big Black Delta - It's OK

After a long three years, Big Black Delta are back!

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