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If "Sex And The City" Were Actually Set In Sydney

...and I thought to myself, can I have my lamington and eat it too?

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1. The girls would brunch at overpriced Surry Hills cafes.

2. Carrie's column would be featured in Sunday Life.

3. Mr. Big would be an executive for Channel 9.

4. Charlotte would curate an exhibition at the MCA.

5. Berger would be a YA author who did readings in Newtown bars on a nightly basis.

6. Everyone would judge Miranda for her decision to move to the Shire.

7. Samantha would buy an apartment overlooking Oxford Street.

8. And then get into arguments when the drag queens were being too loud.

9. Carrie would find herself butting heads with Miranda Devine at media events.

10. Samantha would throw frequent club nights in Kings Cross.

11. Charlotte and Trey's apartment would be featured in a segment on Better Homes & Gardens.

12. Aidan and Carrie would go stay at his cabin on the South Coast.

13. Rather than go to the Hamptons, the girls would take off to the Gold Coast

whenever they needed to get away.

14. Samantha would score Smith a starring role on Home and Away.

15. When a film producer wants to make Carrie's column into a movie, he'd suggest that Delta Goodrem take the lead role.

16. Instead of dating the Russian, Carrie is romanced by the Kiwi.

17. Samantha would find a niche doing publicity work for former Big Brother stars.

18. While also having a penchant for dating NRL players.

19. To make a bit of extra money, Carrie would find herself teaching a TAFE class on how to find love.


20. Carrie would date a Liberal voter and find herself asking, "Do opposites really attract? Or is this much Ado Abbott Nothing?"

21. Charlotte would campaign for a Sydney based spin-off of the Real Housewives of Melbourne.

22. With herself as the starring cast member, of course.

23. Carrie would hire an assistant whose just moved up from Wollongong to experience city life.

24. Carrie would plan her wedding to Big to be in the State Library.

25. While wearing a gown design by Colette Dinnigan.

26. Samantha would get the girls an all expenses paid trip to Thailand, rather than Abu Dhabi.

27. And finally, Carrie would often catch herself staring out the window, as she found herself wondering "In an Australian summer, is there any anything more jarring than a cold, cold heart?"

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