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18 Things All Music Industry Workers Know To Be True

It's not all fun and games.

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1. You spend the better part of your career not feeling cool enough to be there.


2. That email with the weekly charts is EVERYTHING.

The CW

3. Every single person seems to know each other.


4. Staying focused in the office isn't always easy.


5. New releases have you like:

Summit Entertainment

6. Your Spotify playlist game is HELLA STRONG.


7. You hear people talking about ~streaming~ ALL THE TIME.

Universal Pictures

8. And everyone you know remembers where they were the day Taylor Swift's catalogue was pulled from Spotify.

Universal Music

9. Most nights are spent at random gigs...

Columbia Pictures

10. ...where your liver will be battered to within an inch of its life.


11. You accept sleep deprivation as a regular part of your life.


12. And working hungover is an art form you've perfected.

The CW

13. People expect your music taste to be all refined and edgy.

Sony Music

When you're just as into One Direction as the next person.

14. It's not nearly as glamorous as people might think.

Olive Bridge Entertainment

15. The hours are looong...

Universal Pictures

Like, really long.

16. ...and sometimes you just wish everything would slow down.


17. But it's worth it because you get to live and breathe music...


And you get paid for it!

18. ...and you wouldn't have it any other way.


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