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18 Questions All City Dwellers Have For People In The Suburbs

What does personal space really feel like?

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1. What's it like having enough room on your street to do a U-turn?


2. Or actually having somewhere to park your car overnight without fear of losing a mirror?

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3. How does it feel going to get your morning coffee and not having to wait in line for half an hour?

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4. Or, on the weekend, not having to wait an hour for brunch?


5. Do you, like, get Über out there?

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6. And are Tinder options incredibly limited?


7. How does personal space feel?


8. Does the commute home from work give you heaps of time for deep thought?

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9. Do you actually get to see the stars at night?

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10. When you're falling asleep, is everything just...quiet?

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11. And can you hear birds and ~nature~ when you wake up in the morning?


12. What does running outside — and not having to cross a street every 30 seconds — feel like?


13. Do you actually get to know your neighbors?


14. What's it like not spending at least a third of your pay on rent?


15. Is it nice having a room that fits more than just a bed?

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16. And an actual backyard?

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17. Maybe even with a pool?


18. You know what? Can we just trade places?


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