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17 Times Tumblr Got Real About Living With Anxiety

You're never alone.

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1. When this person nailed how difficult it can be to open up to others.

2. And the struggles with getting people to take mental health seriously.

3. This absolute truth-bomb.

4. On putting on a brave face.

5. When they understood just how easy it can be to overthink.

6. And how quickly your anxiety can be triggered.

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7. This handy pro-tip.

8. When this metaphor raised a very valid point.

9. When this user provided some quick tools to help you calm down in moments of panic.

10. And when these tips to improve mental-wellbeing were shared.

11. When the importance of small victories was celebrated.

One day at a time.

12. When this one image completely nailed how difficult it can be.

13. These important statements.

14. And these encouraging words.

15. When this user shared some of the tips that help get her though the day.

16. When this user reminded us of some very important questions to ask when things seem bleak.

17. And when Tumblr had these words of support.

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