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22 Signs You May Have Lived In Manchester Too Long

Rain? What rain?

1. You hardly even notice the constant rain anymore.

Walt Disney / Via

2. When a new film comes out, you'd rather go to Cornerhouse than see it in IMAX.

Because IMAX doesn't have a bunch of art galleries upstairs that you can check out before the film starts.

3. The idea of moving to London to get half the space for double the rent is absolutely unthinkable. / Via

In Manchester you can live in the city centre and not be bankrupt or confined to a shoebox.

4. Although you'll happily pay over a fiver for a craft beer.

It tastes amazing, OK?

5. You know that Canal Street at 2am is always a good idea.

E4 / Via

And that sleep is overrated.

6. Calling people "our kid" feels completely normal.

7. You're begining to think that Karl Pilkington is a prophet sent from heaven.

8. You regularly catch yourself doing the Gallagher walk.


Also known as the "Manc swagger".

9. You truly believe that nowhere else has spawned such amazing music as Manchester.


Even if Manchester's musical heyday was in the '80s...

10. You refer to anything half-decent as "sound".

11. You repeatedly see Bez from the Happy Mondays on nights out.


And his dancing never gets better than this.

12. You’ve devised a safe route down Market Street that allows you to avoid the hordes of charity muggers. / Via

Because you can't be generous every time you go to Aldi.

13. You’re able to recognise individual Northern Quarter bartenders, despite them all sporting identical beards.

14. You feel completely at home in the Arndale.

Flickr: staffstudent

Although a visit usually results in a much diminished bank balance.

15. You've been to the National Football Museum on a first date.

And earned or owed serious Brownie points.

16. You frequented All Star Lanes and Afflecks waaay before Lady Gaga did.

In fact, she was just copying you.

17. When you say "I fancy a burger," you mean something like this:

Almost Famous, anyone?

18. You know at least one person with a Joy Division tattoo.

Harriet Williamson / Buzzfeed

Because love WILL tear us apart.

19. You can expertly tune out drunk students on the Magic Bus.

Must you bang on the floor of the top deck while singing "Wonderwall" on repeat?

20. The staff in your local Archies know you by name.

Facebook: welovearchies

Particularly in the small hours of a Sunday morning.

21. And although it seems like everyone is moving to London...

22. know that your heart is firmly stuck in Manchester.

Flickr: liberato

Because where else can you get a chip barm and gravy at 3am?

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