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24 Devastating Northern Quarter Problems

How hipster is too hipster?

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1. You go out for a few beers and realise everyone has your Harrington jacket.

Is it worth going home to change?!

2. There are no cashpoints anywhere so you end up buying more drinks just to get over the minimum card spend.

3. Your healthy eating New Year's resolution is ruined by the Northern Quarter's seriously instagramable cakes.

4. You suspect that beards might be becoming passé.

But yours took two whole years to grow and you don't remember what your face looks like without it.

5. Or you can't grow one at all and are tempted by a transplant.

Until you realise they cost upwards of £4,000.

Until you realise they cost upwards of £4,000.

6. Your man bun never looks quite as good as that guy's over there does.

This is you. This is him.

7. You just want to window shop for shirts but there's an ironic doggy in the window.

8. After hours of searching for vintage gems, you smell very strongly of musty clothes and have to pretend it’s a cool new fragrance you’re trying out.

9. The feeling of intense, spiritual disappointment when you haven't got time for a lazy afternoon tea.

delicious afternoon tea at @RockPaperLinc, like having a small piece of the northern quarter in Lincoln <3


delicious afternoon tea at @RockPaperLinc, like having a small piece of the northern quarter in Lincoln <3

3:21 PM - 03 Aug 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

10. Realising that Lady Gaga's visit has made Afflecks Palace mainstream.


11. Not being able to choose between a flat white and a decaf soy latte.

12. Dogs that are more fashionable than you taking over Northern Quarter.

"My favourite band is Neutered Milk Hotel."

13. The bars tell you exactly how you should feel about your weekend excesses.

14. You forget about essentials like rent, food and bills when you enter Oklahoma and spend all your money on a cat cushion and a lamp shaped like Godzilla.

Harriet Williamson / Buzzfeed

15. Heading to Northern Quarter on a Friday night means not getting a seat anywhere and ending up in the corner of a smoking area, squashed into someone’s armpit.

16. The bar running out of Beavertown Gamma Ray so you have to settle for a pint of Longboard instead.

Fosters? What is this Fosters you speak of? / Via

Fosters? What is this Fosters you speak of?

17. You decide to have a meal in Lust Liquor & Burn, only to find that they’ve trendily dimmed the lights so you can’t actually see what you’re eating.

The torch on your phone becomes really useful in this situation.

18. There's always someone with a better bicycle than you

19. If you’ve got your first Manchester gig in Northern Quarter, don’t expect anyone to care.

Night &#x26; Day Cafe in Northern Quarter, Manchester for tonight&#x27;s gig with @martinsmithtv and @chaoscurb

David Evans@devs1980Follow

Night & Day Cafe in Northern Quarter, Manchester for tonight's gig with @martinsmithtv and @chaoscurb

6:09 PM - 10 Dec 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

There are way too many new bands and gigs to keep track of.

20. Having your meal go cold because Instagram took too long to load.

21. The amazing graffiti changes so often that sometimes you don't get a photo in time.

22. Realising that vinyl shops have got wise and started charging proper prices.

Good times in @piccadillyrecs Manchester. #vinyl #northernquarter #recordshop

Crazy Animal Face@CrazyAnimalFaceFollow

Good times in @piccadillyrecs Manchester. #vinyl #northernquarter #recordshop

12:25 AM - 18 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

Because everyone in NQ is collecting it now.

23. There's no point getting excited about a new bar or restaurant opening.

Because another one will pop up within a week.

24. Sometimes you can't even get a seat outside the café because there's some Dostoevsky tapping out his latest masterpiece.

Bet he&#x27;s got a MacBook Pro at home.

Bet he's got a MacBook Pro at home.