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    38 Sentences That Will Confuse The Fuck Out Of Everyone Who Is Not From Manchester

    "Can I cadge a lift off you?"

    1. "Alright, our kid?" – Hello, person I know.

    2. "Now then…" – Hello, how have you been doing?

    3. "Swear down…" – I absolutely completely and utterly promise that what I'm going to say is true.

    4. "Nah man, nah." – I don't believe you.

    5. "We're just having a few beers round mine." – We will be out all night and you will regret it bitterly in the morning.

    6. "I'm doing Dry January." – I'm telling people that I'm not drinking but you can quite easily convince me to stop this madness if you buy me a drink.

    7. "I'm buzzin' for tonight." – I'm really excited about this evening's festivities.

    8. "MAD FER IT!" – I can barely contain my joy because we're going to drink copious amounts of alcohol in the very near future.

    9. "It's full of pricks in here." – We're in a bar in Spinningfields and everyone is wearing a suit.

    10. "You out tonight?" – If you're going out, I'll be staying on the sofa in my pyjamas.

    11. "Town later?" – If I do see you in town later, I'll probably be so drunk that I won't recognise or remember you.

    12. "Wanna grab a jar?" – Would you like to drink with me?

    13. "I'm hanging well bad." – I drank so much last night that my body is trying to kill me.

    14. "CITY OR UNITED?!" – Be careful how you answer this, because I will judge whatever you say.

    15. "It's well nice out today." – The rain has abated slightly.

    16. "That's mint." – The thing you mentioned is very good.

    17. "That's sound." – The thing you mentioned is very good.

    18. "That's fuckin' mingin'." – The thing you mentioned has disgusted me.

    19. "Got any chuddy?" – Do you have chewing gum?

    20. "Make us a brew." – I'd like a cup of tea, please.

    21. "I'm just going to have my dinner." – It's time to eat my lunch.

    22. "What you having for tea?" – What are you having for dinner.

    23. "Fancy a chippy tea?" – Do you want to go to the chip shop and get chips smothered in gravy and a pie?

    24. "Me stomach thinks me throat's bin cut." – I'm ravenous.

    25. "Let's get some scran." – We should find and eat some food.

    26. "He's dead 'ard." – I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of him.

    27. "She's a top lass." – I like her; she is fun to spend time with.

    28. "See his nice keks?" – His trousers are lovely.

    29. "I like your bins, mate." – Your glasses are nice.

    30. "That lass in Northern Quarter was well fit." – She had a short fringe, a septum ring, and was wearing a lot of oversized vintage clothes and a tiny backpack.

    31. "That lad in Northern Quarter was mint-looking." – His beard was very bushy, he had a lot of tattoos, and his jeans seemed a little too small for him.

    32. "That lass on Deansgate was well fit." – She had an elaborate, borderline-dangerous manicure, legs up to HERE in stilettos, and a tasteful fake tan.

    33. "That lad on Deansgate was mint-looking." – I liked his open shirt, stiffly coiffed hair, and scent of David Beckham's Homme.

    34. "Innit." – I am placing emphasis at the end of my sentence. Or in the middle, if needs be.

    35. "I've got to go up north." – I'm visiting Newcastle, Durham, Scotland, or the North Pole.

    36. "I've got to go down south." – I'm going to London, and I probably won't like it.

    37. "Can I cadge a lift off you, mate?" – Please take me somewhere in your car.

    38. "Oh, just do one." – Please fuck off, I'm done with you.