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    19 Reasons Why Manchester Is The Most LGBT-Friendly City In The UK

    Forget London and Brighton, Manchester's where it's at.

    1. Manchester has the largest LGBT community in the UK outside of London.

    2. Greater Manchester was the birthplace of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality in 1964.

    3. Manchester is home to a completely LGBT-led church.

    4. Manchester city council has done pioneering work for the LGBT community.

    5. Manchester city council was also very influential in campaigning against Section 28 in the late '80s and early '90s.

    6. Manchester Pride is a huge event.

    7. The festival includes a "Pride Fringe".

    8. And hosts a candlelit vigil.

    9. You can take a walking tour of Manchester LGBT heritage by following the rainbow flagstones.

    10. And we have Canal Street.

    11. Canal Street has been featured on a number of TV shows.

    12. And is home to some of the best murals in Manchester.

    13. In the summer, there's no better place to sit out with a beer.

    14. Manchester is home to the Lesbian and Gay Foundation (LGF).

    15. In November, Manchester's Lesbian & Gay Chorus staged a mass singalong on the Metrolink.

    16. The #SafeToSing event involved 80 singers and volunteers giving out "Cake Not Hate" treats.

    Twitter: @helenpidd

    They sang "Canal Street" to the tune of the Downton Abbey theme.

    17. In 2011, Manchester was named the most gay-friendly city in the world, ahead of London, Amsterdam, and San Francisco.

    Andrew Stokes, chief executive of Marketing Manchester, said:

    "Manchester has always been a tolerant city and this award confirms that. It's great to recognise the sense of community that LGBT people bring to the area and we're proud to say that Manchester is a destination where gay and lesbian tastes are catered for."

    18. Greater Manchester police (GMP) have pledged to have your back.

    19. Because Manchester welcomes everyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.