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15 Truths Of Unpaid Internships

The unimaginable joy shared by all interns as we partake in unpaid work experience to "further our careers".

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8. Resenting your new colleagues who are paid to be there


Especially those entry-level jerks who probably beat you to the paid position and are now sitting smugly in that back-supporting chair with the tea you made them

10. Drinking more coffee than anyone should have to get you out of bed in the morning after your late night shift because you only had four full hours of sleep

11. Helping with the preparation for their massive event on Friday night to which you are not invited


They could have at least told you rather than let you learn you aren’t going when your name isn’t among the 300 name cards you expertly hand-wrote in the most beautiful calligraphy

13. Getting some kind of Stockholm Syndrome at your placement because you were the person they chose to show up for free over everyone else


Maybe even getting too attached to your boss and bombarding them with thank you emails and updates even after you have left

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