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    Just 23 Things That'll Actually Make Fall Yard Work Way Easier

    From foliage to fall flowers, this post has got you covered.

    1. A set of helpful leaf scoopers to pick up huge handfuls of leaves and other annoyances that are cluttering up precious space in your yard. Reviewers say these are way easier to use than raking!

    a person using the leaf scoop to move leaves out of a driveway

    2. And a two-pack of durable yard bags with handles that'll take much of the work out of lugging leaf piles to the compost or curb.

    a reviewer's photo of leaves in the green bag with handles

    3. A live autumn sunset mum starter plant so you can enjoy watching these beautiful flowers bloom in your very own backyard!

    the flowers with orange centers and bright red petals

    4. And a set of rustic wooden planters to grow all your fall flowers in.

    three wooden barrel pots with plants in them

    5. A basic sturdy tool set designed to dig into soil without bends or breaks getting in your way.

    the two trowels and hand rake in the grass

    6. A leaf blower to clear leaves from your lawn, patio, driveway, and walkways. It's lightweight yet strong enough to get the job done.

    a model holding the leaf blower with an orange handle

    7. And a leaf blower and weed trimmer set for anyone in need of leaf-pile-destroying action at three different speeds, plus all the power you need to keep the yard weed free!

    the green weed whacker and leaf blower with batteries

    8. Mole, vole, and groundhog repellent solar stakes reviewers swear by for getting rid of those pesky, underground varmints the chemical-free way!

    the mole repelling stake in the ground

    9. A pair of breathable gardening gloves to protect your hands from dirt and debris as you prune, weed, and rake.

    Hands wearing the gloves and using pruning shears

    10. A pack of strong bamboo garden stakes reviewers say really last and come in a variety of thicknesses to help your pumpkins and plants grow throughout their many stages.

    11. A set of rakes and a leaf dustpan bag that'll handle the number of leaves piling up in your yard at this very moment, so the whole fam can get in on clearing the lawn.

    two green plastic rakes with a metal handle and dustpan leaf bag

    12. A rake with steel tines designed to clear every last leaf from the bushes by allowing the stems to pass between tines unharmed. It can also move sticks, twigs, grinder chips, bark, mulch, and more!

    the raking picking up leaves from a lawn

    13. And a leaf tote bag ideal for anyone who has to carry those leaves to the curb for city pick up after you're done raking.

    the leaf tote bag with velcro closure and handles

    14. Michigan peat compost and manure you'll use in raised beds, and gardens to help your fall flowers and winter squashes thrive in ultrarich soil.

    15. A hose holder that'll make wrangling the hose back in place easy after watering the pumpkin patch.

    16. A waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker you'll count on when you need the right background soundtrack to your leaf-raking extravaganza.

    17. A soil test kit that'll ensure your plants thrive by testing your soil for moisture, pH, and light levels in real time. Sounds like the soil will pass the watering test from here on out!

    The meter sitting in the dirt

    18. A monthly Bloomin' Bin subscription that'll send you tons of organic, in-season seeds and all the info you need to start growing your own fruits, veggies, and flowers and try different gardening projects.

    19. A bottle of DEET-free bug spray packed with lemon and eucalyptus scent to help keep the mosquitoes away the natural way.

    yellow and green bottle of bug spray

    20. And a scent-free mosquito repellent that'll help rid of those pesky blood-suckers within a 15-foot radius, so you can carry on with your yardwork undisturbed.

    21. An electric pressure washer you can use to restore your deck or back patio to the way it looked *before* a mountain of decaying leaves dropped in!

    22. A pair of heavy-duty, thorn-proof leather work gloves that'll protect your hands as you rake around the raspberry bushes or pull the weeds out of the rose garden.

    a pair of durable green and tan gloves grasping thorns

    23. And a curtain of LED lights that'll light up the areas of your backyard worthy of showing off after all your hard work — ideal for anyone who needs a little extra motivation.

    Happy raking!

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