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    Just 23 Phenomenal Finds For Anyone With A Tiny Kitchen

    May these products help those of us with tiny kitchens ✨.

    1. A set of magnetic spice jars as pretty as they are useful, so you can season dinner without taking up any more precious counter space.

    a set of 12 spices hanging on a fridge

    2. A pan and lid rack to ensure the dishes stay neat and orderly, and you'll have one less thing to worry about in your life! No more searching for that one pie dish for hours on end.

    The lid rack holding various pans and lids to keep them separated

    3. A small but mighty Magic Bullet blender that'll be a big help in the kitchen. Consider your guacamole made, your onions chopped, and your midday power smoothie handled.

    the magic bullet with guacamole and a person in the back

    4. An adorable and practical fruit hammock so that your apples and bananas are always ready to be snacked on. Not to mention the only space this takes up is an unused corner of the kitchen!

    the fruit hammock with bananas and apples in it

    5. A set of 12 color-coded food storage containers that are super easy to pair with the right lid *and* stackable — replace your mismatched containers with this set and your overcrowded cabinets will thank you!

    6. A cutlery organizing tray to keep your cutlery drawer as neat as can be, so you'll have plenty of extra space in the drawer for utensils.

    Hand placing a fork into the vertical cutlery organizing tray

    7. A versatile and compact air fryer that's totally worth the small amount of counter space it takes up. You can use it to make perfectly crisp frozen foods, chickpea snacks, grilled cheeses, chicken wings, and much much more! It cooks faster than an oven and cleanup is a breeze.

    8. A set of magnetic stackable measuring spoons so you can measure it up in an orderly fashion. They also have extra large measurement labels so you don't mix up the 1/2 and 1/4 tbsp. again!

    the measuring spoons being used to measure out spices

    9. And a set of measuring cup and teaspoon decal labels you'll use to create a cute and useful conversion chart on the inside of your kitchen cabinet.

    the inside of a wooden cabinet with measurement cup decals and wooden strips

    10. An over-the-cabinet-door organizer who shall hold clunky cutting boards and muffin tins so they can stop falling all over the place in the cupboards.

    the organizer hung over a cabinet with cutting boards inside of it

    11. A folding kitchen cart you can count on to add more counter and storage space to your space, and it'll fold up nicely when not in use!

    12. A handheld KitchenAid mixer ideal for anyone with dreams of owning a KitchenAid stand mixer, but the space is just not there. Meanwhile, this babe is lightweight yet powerful, and will help you mix batters, beat meringues, whip cream, and more!

    the KitchenAid hand mixer in turquoise on a counter

    13. An OXO Good Grips V-Blade mandoline slicer so when you have to get through some prepping, you can set the exact thickness for tomato slices or whip up a batch of homemade potato chips all in one compact device.

    14. A fold-down kitchen table/desk you just may use as a WFH or snacking space after you're done whipping up something delicious. The fact that this just...folds up into the wall when not in use is *chef's kiss*.

    the white fold down table with a chair in front of it

    15. An adhesive paper towel roll holder that'll keep your paper towel roll in one place, and that place could be nearly anywhere with this handy device.

    a roll of paper towels under a cabinet

    16. A mug organizer to truly maximize your cabinet space. This little gadget allows you to safely stack your mugs — I need this so that mine stop chipping!

    17. A set of smart food racks designed to hold open plastic bags so you don't have to, because anyone with a tiny kitchen has probably wished for an extra set of hands at some point.

    a customer review photo of plastic bags filled with leftovers being held up by the stackers

    18. A magnetic stove shelf that'll work like magic — now you can create a shelf and more storage space where there once was nothing!

    a reviewer's photo of the shelf holding spices above their stove

    19. A glass bowl with a handle and lid for anyone who could use a soup bowl that doesn't take up half the kitchen cupboard.

    the clear glass cup with ramen in it on a cutting board

    20. A tea caddy drawer that holds up to 90 different teabags in a neat and orderly fashion — that's much more than you can say about the boxes your teas came in!

    a reviewer's photo of the tea caddy shelf hung on the inside of a cabinet

    21. A microwave bacon cooker that'll make nice crispy bacon slices without all the grease or messy frying pan, so you can whip up a quick meal and move on with your day.

    22. *And* a volcanic microwave cleaner who will steam and clean your microwave so all you have to do is wipe it down with a paper towel or kitchen towel after use.

    the blue plastic volcano in a microwave

    23. And some kitchen sink tip-out drawers to instantly create space for sponges where there was once no space at all.

    the "fake" drawers under a sink converted so they tip open to reveal a shallow white caddy that fits sponges

    How it feels to free up a few inches of space in a tiny kitchen:

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