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    27 Helpful Things That Will Make Your Home Even Better

    It's time for a serious yet ~minimal~ home makeover.

    1. A minimalist table lamp with an adjustable dimmer so you can get the perfect amount of light you need.

    the table lamp with a single light bulb

    2. A color-coded cutting board that'll keep all of your cutting/cheeseboards all in one place, plus the color-coding helps prevent cross-contamination.

    the bamboo cutting board and plastic mats, each with a different logo to indicate what kind of food it's meant for

    3. A shower curtain with quick-dry mesh pockets to give you more shower storage without actually taking up more space! Plus it will keep your soap and loofahs stored and safe away from water ⁠— where they are likely to last way longer.

    the shower curtain with bath accessories stored in the pockets

    4. A stylish futon that can fit the whole fam and fold out as a guest bed when you need it to!

    5. A set of wall-mount corner shelves to fill empty corners of your home with your favorite novels and books.

    the shelf in the corner above a bed

    6. A plastic bag and bottle dryer that you can fold up or hang from the eyelet dowel when not in use, so you can save on storage space and plastic bags.

    a plastic bag and bottle dryer on the kitchen counter

    7. A handy paper shredder for anyone who needs to shred up the junk mail before it even makes it into the junk drawer.

    8. An upright spiral fruit basket to give you serious vertical fruit storage like you've never seen before, so you can get all your apples and citrus friends off the counter.

    the upright spiral fruit basket in stainless steel

    9. A set of airtight food storage containers that'll open with a satisfying pop and keep all the pantry goods in ~clear~ order.

    the air-tight containers holding various snacks and dried goods

    10. A set of drawer insert dividers to store all your favorite sweaters, socks, and underwear with minimal drawer space!

    the drawer inserts holding and separating clothing in a drawer

    11. A set of magnetic spice jars as pretty as they are useful. All of your guests will want to know where you got these.

    spices in the containers on a fridge

    12. A Habitation Box subscription that sends out eco-friendly decor designed to look stunning in any home. Time to take the work out of sprucing it up for the holidays!

    13. A roll-up dish-drying rack you can also use as a prep board, a flat colander, and a large trivet, and store it out of sight when not in-use!

    the drying rack with glasses drying over the sink

    14. A handmade minimalist concrete vase so you can add an earth-toned home for flowers and dried plants wherever you need it!

    three concrete vases in different tones

    15. A pair of hypoallergenic, chemical-free dryer eggs you can reuse in place of dryer sheets and fabric softener.

    A person holding one of the dryer eggs and placing a refill packet inside of it

    16. A Instant Pot that truly does it all, and fast as heck too. This baby consolidates a rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker (and more!) into an absolute unit, and it can make 20-minute mashed potatoes.

    the Instant Pot, featuring a digital display

    17. A coat rack and storage shelf to keep entryways neat and orderly with ease.

    a reviewer's photo of the storage shelf

    18. A dishwasher-safe adjustable measuring cup you'll use every time you're in need of a sticky ingredient.

    19. An investment-worthy Aerogarden that'll grow herbs, salads, tomatoes, and peppers in a neat and orderly fashion. This is a hydroponic growing system with no soil and will grow your plants in ~no thyme~ even if you have little to no sunlight to work with!

    the Aerogarden

    20. A desktop stand riser with drawers to maximize storage options for your keyboard, mouse, notepads, and other necessities.

    the stand riser with a Mac and accessories on it

    21. A simple but genius magnetic knife stripe reviewers swear by for holding up their color-coded knife set, and even heavy-duty kitchen utensils for quick access.

    22. A three-tier plant stand so you can show off your plant babies with minimal effort.

    the plant stand in white with three plants on it

    23. A tip-out tray for anyone who has false drawers under the sink you'd like to put to good use.

    the tip-out tray attached to sink revealing sponges

    24. An EveryPlate subscription for anyone who wants to simplify family dinners — hello affordable meals, and goodbye trips to the grocery store! Each week you can choose from 11 different recipes for a four-person plan to keep everybody happy.

    25. A blank acrylic dry erase board that's so functional yet minimal, I think I may have feelings for it. Use this baby as a calendar, for grocery shopping- and to-do-lists, jotting down song lyrics, keeping track of personal goals, and more!

    the blank and clear dry erase board

    26. A stylish computer desk with versatile storage options to help you tuck away WFH accessories and stay organized.

    27. And a wall-mounted table ideal for those who need a functional work/creative space, with less space to work with! You can also use it as a kitchen-prep table and fold it up when not in use. Genius.

    the table mounted to a wall and folded down with a laptop on it

    You, satisfied with your expertly crafted home:

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