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    26 Things For Anyone Who Wants To Be A Better Cook

    These products are here to help, you *butter* believe it.

    1. A How To Cook Everything: The Basics cookbook that'll be your best friend and show you the ropes in the kitchen. The book is organized from easiest to most difficult recipe, and full of flavorful dishes.

    the cover of the book with an egg on it

    2. A kitchen scale ideal for anyone whose preferred method of cooking is to stick to the trusted recipe...ideally as close as humanly possible.

    A cup of flour placed on a gray kitchen scale reading "8.4"

    3. A set of colorful Tasty cookware made of nonstick ceramic you'll wish you discovered ages ago. Ceramic gets nice and hot as you cook, and cleans up easily afterward!

    the colorful Tasty cookware set with frying pans, pots, saucepans, utensils, and small bowls

    4. A sleek acrylic block and set of black knives so you always have a super-sharp knife for the right task on hand — including a cheese knife, because, priorities.

    5. A food thermometer to take the guesswork out of classic kitchen quandaries like whether the oil is hot enough for frying or if your chicken thighs are cooked all the way through.

    a reviewer holding the thermomeoter in their hand

    6. An adorable egg yolk separator who will be there for you when you go to make your first rainbow swirl meringues for Pride and you need a bunch of egg whites ASAP 🌈.

    7. A meat tenderizer so you can make your chicken, steaks, pork chops, and roasts extra juicy. It creates heat channels to cut down on cooking time and ensure your dinner doesn't get dried out in the oven.

    Hand pressing a meat tenderizer into a raw piece of steak.

    8. A Home Chef meal kit service that'll deliver fresh ingredients and weekly recipes with easy instructions, so you can get your meals going with everything you need right in front of you.

    an unpacked HomeChef delivery box with fresh veggies

    9. An OXO Good Grips V-Blade mandoline slicer to set the exact thickness for tomato slices or whip up a batch of homemade potato chips all in one compact device.

    10. A spices and seasonings starter set from Spicewalla that'll help you adequately season the tasty dishes you'll be whipping up soon!

    the 18 spices and seasonings in a box

    11. A 10-speed KitchenAid stand mixer you'll be glad you spent ~the dough~ on as soon as you try it. This machine is like having a personal assistant in the kitchen — it will make all your sweet and savory baking adventures come together in a flash.

    the stand mixer in the color Aqua

    12. An overflow preventer friend who will latch on to the top of your lids and let steam out to prevent messes and boil overs from ruining your meals.

    the silicone overflow people climbing in and around the pot

    13. An Instant Pot that truly does it all, and fast as heck too. This baby consolidates a rice cooker, slow-cooker, pressure cooker (and more!) into an absolute unit, and it can make 20-minute mashed potatoes.

    the Instant Pot, featuring a digital display

    14. A chef's knife with a tapered stainless steel blade and non-slip handle (even when it's wet) so the next time you and your S.O. are making dinner, you have the right knife to tackle the prep work.

    a reviewer's photo of the chef knife on a wooden cutting board

    15. And a knife sharpener because a dull knife is a chef's worst enemy in the kitchen. Sharpening your knives will help them cut through food quickly, as they should!

    the knife sharpener on a cutting board

    16. A set of stackable rainbow mixing bowls and measuring cups that comes with a sifter for anyone who has come to the conclusion that baking really is an exact science after many trials and tribulations. Now you'll have everything you need to measure all your ingredients.

    17. And a set of angled measuring cups so that you can read measurements from the side and above, meaning measuring out your liquids just got way easier.

    18. A Tasty One Top Device that'll make you say "salami get this straight, this induction cooker automatically changes its temperature and power settings to precisely match the instructions of Tasty recipes?" Yes, yes it does.

    a person frrying chicken in a pot on the One Top device

    19. A stuffed burger press so you can fill your burgers with cheese and get perfectly round burgs like some type of beef magician.

    20. An oven-safe nonstick baking mat (with helpful measurements) for any of us who have spent waay to much time trying to transform a ball of sticky dough into a pie crust or biscuit (guilty).

    the baking mat with dough and flour, featuring measurements along the side

    21. And a pie shark you can use to vent your pies and prevent berry goop from spilling and burning your first beautiful, made-from-scratch pie crust.

    the pie shark sticking out of a pie with blue jelly and sand on the crust

    22. A pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet to help you whip up a batch of mouth-watering blueberry banana pancakes or get a beautiful sear on a steak. We have this pan in my home and it gets used multiple times a day every day!

    23. A panini press that'll whip up excellent hot sandwiches, cheesy quesadillas, and other yummy meals in no time. A machine of beauty if you ask me!

    The panini press with a floating lid and a grilled sandwich inside

    24. An 8-quart air fryer ready to cut your cooking times in half and deliver the crispiest chicken wings and leftovers you'll ever make. The air circulates all around your food in a way the oven just can't compete with!

    25. A handy cutting board with removable trays so you can dice, sort ingredients, prep, measure, and grate all with one device. This cutting board does so many things you might as well consider it your personal sous chef.

    the blue cutting board with removable trays

    26. And a pizza stone for anyone who desires a crisp crust and delectably melted cheese on every handmade and frozen pizza they consume. This ceramic stone is a real ~pizzawork~.

    The next time you chef up a meal:

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