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    37 Of The Best Products For College Students You Can Get On Amazon

    The sun doesn't need to go to college because it has 28 million degrees, but the rest of us could use some help.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Tarot tapestry in three different cards and sizes for anyone who needs the perfect wall hanging to ~suit~ their space.

    2. A pair of quick-drying shower sandals and a shower tote to make the communal bathroom experience just a tad less chaotic.

    3. A highly adorable door stop that'll make everyone who walks by say "wow, I *shiba* stopped by and became your friend a long time ago."

    4. A highly effective book lamp made of bendy materials. Unfortunately, there is no excuse not to get your work done late at night with this friend by your side.

    5. A cute planner designed to organize your life, uplift your mood, and help you reach your goals. Over 3k people find this planner ~pandastic~.

    6. A Fujifilm Instax Mini camera and a string of lights with clips so you can capture and showcase the precious memories you'll make this year.

    7. An instant Wi-Fi printer meant for those days where you just can't handle waiting in line for the library printer for 10 minutes, only to have it run out of paper right as your 20 page essay is printing 🙃.

    8. A notebook you can simply fill in according to the universal note taking system, and a set of colorful pens because we all have an inner note-taking champion inside us.

    9. A white noise machine specially designed for destroying all noise — snooze through stomping neighbors, noisy parties, inconsiderate roommates, and more. Over 6k swear by it, including me (bye screaming children who live above me!).

    10. And a sleep mask and ear plug set for anyone who is trying to block out all noise and light on a budget.

    11. A microwave friendly-coffee maker that'll get you going in the morning, and save time and money (looking at you, on-campus Starbucks that's not on the meal plan).

    12. And a travel ready, vacuum-insulated rambler guaranteed to keep your coffee hot or cold, and make you say "where have you *bean* all my life?"

    13. A bed riser featuring built-in outlets and USB ports so you can keep your electronics and storage capacity going strong; even when it's finals week and you're struggling to ~rise~ to the challenge.

    14. And a set of four clear storage bins big enough to tuck your winter wardrobe out of the way in and under your bed.

    15. An investment-worthy Kindle Paperwhite adored by 63k book-reading people. This is pricy, but hear me out — I saved hundreds of dollars over six years of college using an e-reader (online books are cheaper, and often free), not to mention tons of space.

    16. A powerful foot/shoe deodorizer ideal for saving your own (and your roommate's) nose from the stench of stinky shoes.

    17. A lighted mirror filled with glorious, daylight-like lights so you can do your makeup or make sure you didn't miss a spot shaving before you head out.

    18. An essential oil diffuser and set of essential oils I use to make my room a place of relaxation and good smells only, as will you.

    19. A portable charger (with a built-in flash light!) that can charge one phone over five times. You'll never have a dead phone again, and you'll be helping a lot of pals charge up.

    20. A stylish storage ottoman (or bench) for anyone who needs a comfy sitting area in their dorm.

    21. A 40-count snack pack even students who are close to the grocery store shall love, because having cookies, Goldfish, Rice Krispies, and popcorn on hand makes everything *butter*.

    22. A lovey-smelling dry shampoo ready to ~uplift~ your hair from greasy flat to clean volume. Bye waking up way before your 8:30 a.m. lecture to wash and dry your hair!

    23. A secular saint Frida candle capable of bringing positive vibes to your space when you're in the thick of studying away.

    24. A small but mighty two-speed fan that just may be the cool quiet relief you need when you're knee-deep in a hefty assignment, or an intense game of Fortnite.

    25. A cute little retro fridge for anyone who plans on having the ~chillest~ dorm room, stocked full with cold drinks and delish leftovers.

    26. A fleece-lined robe or a striped robe who will be there for you when you just got out of the shower and need to lounge around (aka procrastinate putting on clothes, we've all been there).

    27. A set of four drawer organizers all your friends shall envy when everyone's getting ready for a party at your place, and they see how easily you pick out your look.

    28. A hypoallergenic comforter set (in many colors) and a supportive bed rest pillow so you can make your bed the best place to be.

    29. And a bed side organizer that'll easily keep everything you need nearby, because trying to find the remote at the end of a long day is the worst.

    30. A laundry bundle you can subscribe to, and a laundry backpack to ensure you have everything you need to put the stereotype that college students can't do their own laundry to shame.

    31. An amazing frisbee game for anyone who would rather start up a ~ultimate~ game when it's nice out than ~layout~ and relax in the sun.

    32. A beautiful waterproof speaker who is ready to walk into your life and stay for good times and good tunes.

    33. A pair of almighty noise-cancelling headphones that'll make you feel like you stepped into your own world during study time. These are also ideal for music majors 🎶, you'll hear sounds you never heard before!

    34. And a pair of budget-friendly headphones (in seven colors!) capable of cancelling out some noise, because you still need money to eat and jam out.

    35. A precious little planter available in 40 animals 🐘🐳🐊 so you can feel at home even though you're away from your furry friend back at home.

    36. An Echo Spot to offer hands-free weather, news, music, morning alarm clock, and much more via voice command. It can even order a pizza at 2 a.m., the dream.

    37. And a big jar of ~university~ loved Nutella. Trust me, when the time comes to give your graduation speech, you'll be thanking your biggest motivator — this decadent, chocolatey spread.

    Studying with everything you need by your side:

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