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    25 Beauty Products That Are Absolutely Perfect For Klutzes

    Because having a makeup-erasing pen is just as important as makeup itself.

    1. A cruelty-free roll-on toner so you can get good stuff on your skin (like Matcha green tea and witch hazel) minus all the splashing.

    2. An eyeliner stamp that'll give you a perfect cat eye every time with a little practice; which is a much better alternative than ~winging it.~

    3. A magical clean-up pencil to make you regret your teen punk eyeliner phase even more, because this would've saved a lot of time erasing smudges! At least now you can have it on hand to clean up *current* makeup mistakes.

    4. A washable mascara for anyone who is done with clumps clinging to their eyelashes.

    5. And a mascara shield so you never ruin perfectly concealed under-eye circles with black specks again.

    6. A revitalizing eye gel reviewers swear by to rid yourself of those pesky dark circles. As someone who has tried under-eye masks only to stab myself in the eye every time, cream is better IMO.

    7. A cruelty-free. daily-peel pad made to give your skin that fresh, clean peel feeling without the danger of ripping off part of your eyebrow with a charcoal peel mask!

    8. A nail polish holder you'll count on for a manicure minus the dribbles of nail polish all over the coffee table 🙃.

    9. And a genius cuticle guard to truly ensure you get a salon-level look every time!

    10. A lip sleeping mask that just may make up for all the days you forget to put on lip balm and head out into the dry AF heat, or worse — the cold. Bye chapped and cracked lips!

    11. A reusable makeup-removing cloth so you can enjoy the satisfaction of successfully removing a full face of makeup at the end of the day, because getting makeup off should not be just as hard as putting it on.

    12. A cruelty-free mud sheet mask for anyone who loves a good mud mask, but also maybe has clogged the drain with clay masks too many times!

    13. An easy-to-use hair wand that'll give you curls that'll last for days, plus it comes with heat-protectant gloves so it's basically klutz-proof.

    14. A lip-lock liner pencil who shall prevent lipstick from fraying, straying, traversing onto your chin, or doing anything else lipstick should not be doing.

    15. And a paraben- and cruelty-free waterproof lip and eye primer to ensure your eyeshadow and lip color last for hours on end.

    16. A deodorant removing sponge so you can remove annoying white spots on those hectic mornings when you pull your sweater on a bit too quickly 😬.

    17. A scalp massager and shampoo brush for anyone who wants more hair growth (and a soothing scalp massage!) without all the messy leave-in products.

    18. A makeup sponge case to protect your precious blenders from the mayhem that is your purse/travel bag.

    19. A two-toned lip bar so you can achieve a put-together look with ease, and say "Me, a klutz? Never!" all day long.

    20. A v absorbent hair towel that'll effortlessly bring out the waves of hair, and of compliments!

    21. A makeup storage box made to clean up the mess in the bathroom/vanity — and it's super easy to put together, thank god.

    22. A 100-piece eyeshadow shield perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with glitter without getting it everywhere, or anyone who needs daily protection from eyeshadow fall out.

    23. A Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick as versatile as it is easy to use. It is a highlighter, lip color, eyeshadow, and eyeliner all in one, and it's magnetized to avoid clumsy mishaps. Go wild!

    24. A makeup setter ready to cut down on oil and shine so you can go on with your matte self without worry.

    25. And a splurge-worthy avocado sleep mask so you can glow like the angel klutz you are, just from sleeping with this dream on your face! It's a lot less messier than it sounds, I promise.

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