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    • haraldandresh

      It’s complicated. Most of the statements here are in some sense racist. There are others that deserve more discussion. I thought that statements such as #4 were objected to because they aren’t always realistic; the answer in the photograph, however, shows that the person objecting wants to be classified and possibly stereotyped *more* - something that happens in all groups nowadays, yes, but does that make it healthy? #6 sounds like the sort of (highly damaging) thing that some childhood friends of the same skin color would say. #9 is ignorant and insulting, but #7 isn’t always completely false in certain contexts, not any more than comments (I know, strangely and unfairly uncommon…) about legacy students are. (The absent person who said “You’re lucky” and “so easy” was not necessarily so stupid as to think that looking black was an advantage in other contexts, or that it actually made anything *easy*, as opposed to slightly easier, at some specific times and places.) #12, 15, 16 and 17 are very well-chosen - the people who picked them out did right to do so - and in so doing, sometimes went against the position put forward by the person in #4. I do feel mildly skittish about commenting on things that are obviously a part of of a set of experiences that most of us haven’t been through. At the same time, we have to analyse and discuss other people’s remarks, if we want them to agree on any sort of reasonable reaction. In fact, this is precisely what those involved in this initative are doing: they are quoting and framing other people’s remarks, sometimes with commentary. This is precisely what is good about this initiative; it is presumably meant to stimulate discussion, rather than simply state the obvious truth that there is such a thing as racism.

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