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14 Things Only People Who Wear Makeup And Glasses Will Understand

Mascara smudges EVERYWHERE.

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1. Since your vision is awful, you either use a magnifying mirror to apply your makeup, or you have to get reaaaaaally close to your mirror in order to see. / Via

If my brush could stop hitting the mirror, that'd be great!

2. You promise that you won't dirty your glasses, but you still somehow always get those dang foundation smudges on them. / Via

Are you kidding me? Not again.

3. There's no point in curling your lashes, because they end up annoyingly brushing up against your lenses all day. / Via

I might as well not even blink anymore.

4. And after putting on mascara, you usually wait a good five minutes to put your glasses back on. / Via

Whew. I can finally see again.

5. Or else, this happens:

Donna Kawecki / Via

Ahh! Is that a spider? Oh. Those are just my lash marks... all over my face and glasses.

6. Your eye shadow game is on point, but it usually goes unrecognized. / Via

I did not blend my eye shadow better than a smoothie for this treatment.

7. But, when you do get a compliment, it's the best feeling ever.

Popsugar / Via

My work doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. Score!

8. When you fill in your brows, you tend to go a bit heavy so they're more ~defined.~

Rocky Horror Picture Show / Via

It looks like the Very Hungry Caterpillar is on my face right now but, TBH I look good.

9. And when those glasses come off, people love to give their opinion on how thick your brows look.

Rupaul's Drag Race / Via

How dare you.

10. But you shut them down instantly. You worked hard on your brows!

Full House / Via

11. At the end of the day, you usually have mascara smudges under your eyes.

Saturday Night Live / Via

Darn it! Did I look like a panda the whole day?

12. And when you take off those glasses, there's that infamous red mark on your nose.

The Incredible Hulk / Via


13. And even though glasses are a makeup pain, you love how they look on you, especially with some added makeup...

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo / Via


14. ... And you continue to rock them and slay everyone with your vision and eyeliner.

Nicole Richie / Via

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