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    15 Experiences Every Multiracial Person Understands

    Because you've been having these conversations since you were a kid.

    1. Excuse me, what ARE you?

    2. You don't look like you are.

    3. Are you adopted?

    4. You can't be both, you have to choose!

    5. So where are you REALLY from?

    6. You're not one of us.

    7. Oh, you're just half.

    8. 你好,我可以帮你吗?

    9. So you celebrate Christmas and Chanukah?

    10. You're so exotic!

    11. Why do you act white and deny your heritage?

    12. Your mom is the Asian one, right?

    13. I'm mixed too!

    14. Can I touch your hair?

    15. Why do you have such a weird name?