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30 Squirrely Signs You Went To Mary Baldwin College

Being a Fighting Squirrel isn’t just pearls, great legs, and pretty smiles. That’s just the tip of the iceberg…or Cannon Hill. Whichever.

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1. You never get a day off of school unless for Apple Day or campus gets 30 ft of snow. Even then, you probably still have class.

16. You are generally categorized as either a TRAD or VWIL.

And we just can't seem to get rid of it.

For outsiders, we mean, either a Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership Cadet or Traditional student.

17. Speaking of VWIL, you know that they’re the blondes of campus.. Because they really do have more fun.

25. Heels are saved for Signature Ball, and Mixers...

Because ain't nobody trying to hike up hills in heels. Oh, lookie there, that was some nice alliteration. Thanks liberal arts education.

27. You felt like this guy after signing up for the 9am arts class in Deming.

Which is why you avoided it as long as possible. Legs don't work till at least 11am.

Unless you're VWIL, then you've got it made. But you were up and in uniform at 4am anyways.

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