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8 Videos Of Stupid, Reckless, And Crazy Motorcyclists

There is something about motorcyclists that seems to bring out their daredevil (stupid) side. Here is a listing of riders who just don't seem to grasp the concept of safety first.

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Who Put That Tree in the Middle of the Street?

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This motorcycle crash is caused by the driver's reluctance to accept the fact they aren't quite road ready with their riding skills. However, the viewer will note the driver's ability to steer in a straight line. That could come in very handy in a drag race, but not in the front yard.

So Much for the Bike Lane Laws

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In the state of California, bike lanes are intended to be used by people who are actually riding bicycles. This motorcycle rider was obviously confused by the term "bike". Evidently, the "real" cyclists walked away with only minor injuries.

Who Has the Right Away on a sidewalk?

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There is a very good reason why they pave roads for people to drive their motorcycles on. Where most people would see a sidewalk, this rider saw a drag strip. It's hard to fathom just how many mistakes this particular driver made with one decision.

Get Out of My Lane

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It's hard to tell what this guy was thinking, but it's clear he was moving a tad too quick and didn't know the difference between the road and the shoulder. It's hard to believe he was able to stand.

Bowling Anyone?

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Rule #1: When riding in a large group, it's a good thing to come to a halt when the group comes to a halt. This driver missed that on the test. Note all the riders who just kept right on going while those around them fell.

When the Law Is Not on Your Side

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This crash gives new meaning to the idea you should always be on the lookout for cops when you might be violating the law. This cop was certainly compelled to take his suspect down.

Red Means Stop, Green Means Go

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This motorcyclist must have been late for an appointment. Neither a stopped car or red light was going to deter this rider. How embarrassing, he crashed in what was reported as a motorcycle club meeting place.

Doom in the Dome

Everyone has seen the two motorcycles in a dome trick, and wondered how they keep from crashing. This video proves that sometimes they don't keep from crashing.

While you are sitting there watching these videos, you may have thought: "What if this happens to me?" Motorcycle insurance specialists from Anthony Clark Insurance Brokerage in Calgary have put together a short list of tips so that you can make sure the road is a safe place for motorcyclists:

- Make sure your motorcycle goes through safety checks

before taking it out for the first time in the season

- Never ever tailgate a motorcycle

- Check blind spots meticulously, don't let a motorcycle

hide in your blind spot!

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