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8 Stunning Photography Shots Taken With An iPhone

IPhones have gotten a bad reputation for capturing sub-par photographs. This doesn’t have to be true, though. Here are eight examples of outstanding iPhone photography.

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This image won first place in an iPhone photography contest, and it’s easy to see why. The girl’s piercing blue eyes tell a haunting story, one that is made all the more powerful because only her eyes are shown. This is a wonderful image both for its skill and its story.


This was another iPhone photography winner. The photographer brilliantly uses muted, multicolored sheets to create a rainbow effect. This photograph is simple but packs a powerful punch at the same time.


If you’re looking for a different type of iPhone photography, this photo is for you. The silhouette of a girl holding up her umbrella leaves the person looking at the photograph asking many questions. This is also a great use of light.


Flowers are often used as a subject of photography, and iPhone photography is no stranger to that phenomena. This photograph makes the daisy unique by saturating the colors and putting it upside down. These are inspired choices; they make a clichéd subject all the more interesting.


This image is amazing because of the details it captures. You can see every bump and whisker on the bug! A criticism of iPhone photography is that it can’t get all the minute details a regular camera can, but this photograph proves that assumption is wrong.


This image has been edited to perfection. The girl’s red jacket stands out brilliantly against the dark beach, and the stars almost look like paint splatters. This is a great example of how iPhone photography can look like art.


Finally, here is an image of a broken down storage unit, something that could be boring, but in this photography has been changed into something moody and haunted. This last photograph is a wonderful example of how a talented iPhone photographer can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The fact that iPhones can capture such beauty goes to show that the magic is not all inside the power of the camera, though we do have to give Apple credit for it's forever gorgeous hardware. Photography is made beautiful with mastery of light, composition, and focus. In addition, understanding of photo processing software allows for photo-artists to craft brilliant image edits. You can sharpen these skills in an online photography course and by participating actively in photographer communities where techniques, styles and tips are exchanged openly.

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