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10 Most Embarrassing Parking Accidents Of All Time

You can't help but feel pity as you watch...

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An SUV driver is having a bit of trouble getting into a spot, so a passenger gets out to direct. This Good Samaritan act did not go unpunished. After doing a bang up job on their passenger and two parked cars, the driver decided not to stick around for accolades.


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Watch as a driver attempts to put a tiny car into an even tinier spot. Not only do cars approach from both directions, trapping this tiny car in an impossible position, but bikers get involved, too. Then it gets interesting!


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This will have you laughing from the start through the entire first 2 minutes. A woman pulls into a parking garage and has three terribly embarrassing accidents before even approaching a parking space. Then she runs off and hides in shame.


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This gentleman and his shiny blue truck parted ways before the accident happened. By the time they were reunited, one was in far worse shape than it was when they arrived.


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A teen driver forgets to brake when pulling into a parking spot and a man gets pinned to a soda machine. She and her friend take off on foot, but what about the guy she pinned?


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This parking job becomes dangerous as the driver fails to stop when parking. A set of stairs, an open apartment door, and another car become victims before a final crash stops him cold.


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Who knew that BMW X5’s were so durable? This driver attempts to park, but isn’t terribly successful. They drive up over the parking barrier, then up over 2 parked cars. No problem, this Beemer is simply backed up off of everything and calmly driven away.


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Parking cars can be difficult enough, but what if you had to park a ship? Major crunch alert!


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This one happens in a flash, so don’t blink or you’ll miss it. No brakes were involved in this epic parking fail, and one man is likely still thanking Heaven that he didn’t arrive at the scene seconds earlier. The fast moving SUV crumples like tin foil when it finally comes to a stop.


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A USPS driver’s parking fail makes for a very funny video as he chases his truck as it travels backwards in circles through a parking lot. Unfortunately, the truck manages to hit him, and do some serious damage to another car before it’s all over.

Soon, auto parking will go mainstream and we won't have any more of these to laugh at. Until then, you may find yourself a victim of similar circumstances. Hopefully you know good insurance people and a good auto body shop like D & T Body Shop, Inc.

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