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18 Thoughts Every NaNoWriMo Participant Has Writing A Novel In One Month

It's already been over a week of National Novel Writing Month 2015. And this month is full of victories and struggles. SO. MANY. STRUGGLES.

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1. "50,000 words in a month? That's only 1,667 words a day. That won't be so hard."


*aka the thoughts every participant has during the last few days of October/first few days of November.

2. "I got this. I totally got this."

3. "My title is the best. I'd buy a book with this title."

4. "Wait, this is kinda hard."

5. "I've only written ten words? It's been an hour!"

6. "Yes! 10,000 words! I am a champion! ...Except I still have 40,000 words to go."

7. "Where the heck am I going with this story?"

8. "Does this even make sense?"

9. "I'm so tired."

10. "I miss people."


11. "Okay. Yes. This is good. This is great. I'm on a roll. This is gonna be a best-seller. I'm an author!"

12. "This is shit."

*deletes furiously or contemplates throwing computer across the room*

13. "I don't wanna write today."



14. "I wonder what my friends are doing right now."


"While I sit here. Alone. Writing. Again."

15. "I'm behind on my word count. Crap. Crap. Crap."


*writes anything and everything to catch up*

16. "Why does no one understand I'm busy? I need to write."


"I'll hang out with you on December 1st. And don't you dare try to interfere before then."

17. "50,000 words?! I did it!"

18. "November is over! I succeeded! I WROTE A NOVEL! I can have a life again!"


"...or I can just sleep forever."

Now what are you doing? November isn't over! Get back to writing!

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