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People Are Losing It Over This Very Special Toy Crocodile A Woman Bought At The Zoo

"He is truly beautiful, that's for sure".

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Sarah, a 22-year-old from Brisbane, and a group of her friends, headed out to Australia Zoo on Queensland's Sunshine Coast last Saturday.


"Basically me and a group of friends all planned to go to the zoo together, I was hype for the otters," Sarah told BuzzFeed News.

It was a hot day, and Sarah had fun. "We saw all the animals, pet a koala and kangaroos, held a blue tongue and hung out".

It was a hot day, and Sarah had fun. "We saw all the animals, pet a koala and kangaroos, held a blue tongue and hung out".

When Sarah and her friends got to the gift shop, they found this very special guy.

Twitter: @FabuPonah / Via Twitter: @FabuPonah

"At the end of the day, buying plushies from the gift shop, one of my friends pointed out the derpy crocs and we all cracked up for a solid 10 minutes at them," she said.

Twitter: @FabuPonah / Via Twitter: @FabuPonah

"There were hundreds and they all looked as derpy as the next, and I swear like six or seven of us got one."

Twitter: @FabuPonah / Via Twitter: @FabuPonah

"They're all different, but each has the same broken mouths in a way," she said. "Like they're all deformed similarly but slightly different."

Sarah tweeted out photos of the crocodile on Monday...

Can we all appreciate this crocodile I got from Australia zoo on the weekend

And people absolutely lost it.

@FabuPonah I feel like he continuously tries to lean in on other animal toys while whispering "cha cha cha" .. but due to poor eyesight doesn't realize this said "animal" is actually a chair or a wall or other inanimate object

@FabuPonah @ByteBehemoth Keeping both eyes on the top of your head is hard work

@FabuPonah These are all distinct but relatable moods

@FabuPonah @punchesbears one minute of silence for this poor reptile

This guy thought it looked like his little brother.

@FabuPonah it looks like my little brother

Some people are saying the croc is just doing its best.

@FabuPonah He’s doing his very best and that’s all that matters lol

@FabuPonah He’s a good boi and doing his best.

And it turns out that the croc is not the only slightly special animal figurine out there.

@FabuPonah We named ours Herbert and gave him a skateboard

@FabuPonah As a fellow collector of derpy looking animal tchotchkes from tourist traps, I highly approve While not as impressive as your croc, I am proud of this owl I found at a gift shop in the port of Athens, Greece, in 2016.

The croc is now being immortalised in art.

@FabuPonah A story told in four pictures

@FabuPonah Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, derpagator?

@FabuPonah ive been inspired thank you

Sarah's cat Ned also loves the croc.

Also my cat ned LOVES IT and is running around my room like an idiot throwing and chasing it Heres a vid fron when he first started playing with it cus he was trying to knock it off the table

The croc squeaks, which cats are into.


So far, Sarah's crocodile tweets have almost 7,000 retweets and over 30,000 likes. That's obviously because of the deeply heartwarming nature of the croc...


Sarah and her friends love their crocs and had a group phone call on Monday evening. "We were all laughing at the post blowing up, and squeaking our crocs," she said.

"He is truly beautiful, that's for sure," Sarah said. "Living icon."

BuzzFeed has approached Australia Zoo for comment.

Hannah Ryan is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.

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