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Surprising Stars On The Baby-Sitters Club TV Show

Now that the Baby-sitters Club tv show is everywhere on the internet (and I mean everywhere) it's been fun to spot stars in different episodes. Who knew these people all shared the same small screen experience?

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Russel Harper (aka Herbert Russell) got his start as Alan Gray in multiple episodes the Baby-sitters Club show. Much like his character, he's had comedic roles on The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Freaks and Geeks, and a voice on Robot Chicken.

Emily Gilmore (the grandma from Gilmore Girls whose real name is Kelly Bishop) made a cameo appearance on the Baby-sitters Club tv show as Flora. You can find her on “Claudia and the Mystery of the Secret Passage”.

Seeing as Ann Dowd is one of the few adults on this list, it makes sense that she's had a long spanning career with roles you've probably never heard of. Anyone here remember her as Dr. Platt in Marley & Me?

Missy Yager got the biggest transformation, both physically and career wise, as she's gone from housekeeper Julie to holding her own on tons of t.v. shows like Mad Men and Boston Public.

For more Baby-sitters Club, check out the show on Netflix or Amazon Instant or Hulu Plus. Or become a member of their Facebook or Tumblr page. Seriously, you can't away from these girls.

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