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    21 Thoughts You Have During Your Last Semester Of College Told By The Cast Of "New Girl"

    Change is hard, especially when you're pondering graduating college and the "real world" beyond. Here are common thoughts students have during their last semester told by the cast of "New Girl."

    1. "I can't believe I'm graduating college. I'm so old, I'm basically the crypt creeper."

    2. "I'm going to be up to my eyeballs in debt."

    3. "I could sell a kidney to pay off my debt."

    4. "I can't wait until I actually make money."

    5. "I finished my graduation audit, but what's a 401k?"

    6. "Am I an adult now!?"

    7. "I still laugh at dick jokes so probably not."

    8. "Although, I'm in bed by 10 p.m. basically every night."

    9. "I just can't do Thirsty Thursdays anymore."

    10. "Silly freshmen, with their partying and dancing. I remember when I was that young."

    11. "Maybe I should start trying to be more responsible. Like regularly wearing pants."

    12. "Is my resume good enough? Did I do enough in college?"

    13. "I can't wait for class tomorrow."

    14. "I can't believe I'll never have to sign up for classes ever again."

    15. "I know what I like in a significant other."

    16. "I think I know who I am."

    17. "I'm not sure how I became this independent."

    18. "I still don't know what I'm doing with my life."

    19. "Have I actually learned anything useful in my years of college?"

    20. "I don't think I want to be apart of this 'real world' everyone keeps speaking off."

    21. "I still can't believe I'm graduating college. I'm so proud of myself."