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23 Stages Of Recommending Your Favourite TV Show To A Friend

kind of a punk ass name is Sandra

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1. You write out a list of all the viable friends you could trust with this show

2. You settle on Sandra, she'll definitely enjoy it

3. You've already suggested the show to her like 3 times this week and wonder if you dare mention it again

4. Sandra is so fucking reluctant

5. But you know she'll love it if you just keep pressing

6. Many months later Sandra tweets a gif from the show

7. You message Sandyyyy like 'hey girl you watched it!?'

8. Sandra is like totally obsessing over it, her tweets are just all about it

9. She totally loves it, you feel proud, accomplished, worthy.

10. You both have a good month of quoting lines to each other and having a bare faced whale of a time

11. But one day Sandra quotes a line you don't know

12. Sandra's one-upped you

13. You suddenly realise Sandra might be a bigger, better, fan than you.. and you caused this

14. You're filled with overwhelming regret for introducing her to the fandom

15. You're uncontrollably angry Sandra's treating the show as her own

16. Sandra didn't find this gem, you found this gem and you would like, NAY NEED, the credit

17. You remember that one time she hated on your favourite character and you let it slip for the sake of the friendship

18. You're so done with Sandra, she's ruined your show, you'll not watch it again now

19. Fuck you Sandra

20. Oh but shit whats this new show? this is good let me just tell San...

21. No absolutley fucking not, Sandra is not getting in on this shit, no. I will not take this shit from her, not today

22. Oh crap but the viewings are quite low maybe you should just suggest she watched it just to help the show out

23. Yeah probably my duty, i'll just suggest it once..

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