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22 Feels Of Working A Part Time Job Whilst In Education

I really, really do not want to be here right now.

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1. You've decided you're going to get out of your uni hovel of a bed and make some dollar

2. You're almost excited to go be part of a new team and make a bundle of new work friends

3. You quickly realise the only part time job you're going to get will have zero relation to anything you may like to actually do

4. You settle for clothing retail, or if you're lucky you get into food retail and get to sit at a till all day

5. You quickly learn that nobody respects you because you're just the weekender

6. You start missing nights out because you're on an 8 hour shift the next day

7. You've actually never felt time go so slowly

8. You would much rather be working a job where there was actually a job for you, like actually a task, like an actual thing to do, rather than just stand and smile at customers, like literally anything, please

9. You thoroughly hate your job and question why you thought this would be a good idea

10. You regularly decide that the pain of working isn't worth the money, yet are too afraid to quit

11. People come in the store and ask if this is what you want to do

12. Your boss doesn't appreciate that when you're not here you're catching up on all your uni work that's over flowing

13. Literally nobody understands that you're trying to successfully get a degree whilst working here

14. And you still get asked daily if you could cover more shifts and then feel bad for saying no

15. You're pretty damn sure that not one of these full timers could handle the workload you have to do with balancing uni and this shit job

16. You seriously really no longer have a social life and question why you'd sign up for this

17. You suddenly realise that after uni you're going to have to find a 'real job', one that you like, and if that doesn't work out you could end up back here

18. You swear to yourself you shall never return again, nor anywhere for that matter

19. And spend all your shift dreaming of where else you could be right now, and crying on your lunch break when your mates are all down the pub

20. When the clock hits 6 you run out of there so fast

21. But when someone asks 'how was work' you respond 'fine' and you feel it was fine, because you're no longer there and you've almost forgotten how much you hate it

22. But you'll be back tomorrow, like groundhog day and hate it all over again

23. But first you just have 6 books, 4 articles and a journal to read and analyse before your next shift starts

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