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Apr 2014
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    hannahmatthew89 commented on Which Comfy Shoe Brands Do You Absolutely Swear By?

    Say what you will about Birkenstocks, but they are literally the best shoe every made. I started wearing them 10 years ago and I've never found another shoe that gives me the same type of comfort.


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    hannahmatthew89 commented on We Wanna Know Your Funniest, Most Outrageous Grandparent Story

    My grandfather never really talked to me much. He was grouchy and mean. When I was 15 he got colon cancer. Not long before he died, he called family members in one by one to give them each a final piece of advice. He told me: "Don't buy the car before you test drive it, if you know… 


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    hannahmatthew89 commented on Does Your Kid Totally Act Like An Adult?

    I'll have to give you bullet points for my 7 year old. 1. When we're at the supermarket, he'll say, "Mom, do you need more Shiraz?" Then he'll proceed to read bottle labels and ask me if I've tried them. 2. When I'm not feeling well, he'll say, "Mom, you should have a glass of wine… 


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    hannahmatthew89 commented on Tell Us Your Roommate Sex Horror Stories

    My husband and I were living with another young couple in a two bedroom trailer. The landlord was super friendly and stopped by often to chat. One night he dropped by while the other couple was hanging out in their room, so he sat in the kitchen with me and my husband, talking about… 


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