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This Melbourne Shop Is Making Insane Rolled Ice Cream

Just roll with it.

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Scroll is a new pop-up store in Melbourne serving ice cream in a style inspired by Thai street vendors that many Aussies have never seen before: all rolled up.

scroll_icecream / Instagram / Via

The Oreo Serious features cookies 'n' cream ice cream, fresh strawberries, oreo dust, chocolate wafers and homemade chocolate sauce.

The scrolls are made by pouring a milk and cream base onto cold metal plates (as in -20°C cold). Then, they chop in any add-ins before flattening it out and rolling up the mix. Like this:

Instagram: @captnsammie

New York Cheesecake is made with an entire slice of cheesecake.

scroll_icecream / Instagram / Via

They literally smash it into the ice cream base before topping with fresh strawberries, you know, for healthy balance.

While Nutter Butter is a genius combination of Tim Tams, Nutella and peanut butter.

scroll_icecream / Instagram / Via

Topped with tiny teddies, freckles, whipped cream and chocolate sauce, just coz.

There are also vegan options made with a coconut cream base.

meganluscombe87 / Instagram / Via

The Lychee-Blueberry flavour mixes fresh lychee and blueberries into coconut-based ice cream.

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