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This Melbourne Designer Will Make You See Everyday Objects A Little Differently

Why haven't you ever given your cheese grater a parmesan moustache?

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Domenic Bahmann is an art director and mixed media designer based in Canberra.

By day, he specialises in photography and illustrations for advertising and editorial clients. During his spare time, however, he likes to make art out of random household items such as the above "Carrot-Plane".

"My work is based on spontaneous ideas that come by simply looking at something and thinking: 'What if…'," Bahmann tells BuzzFeed Life.

He started making his "everyday object art" in 2013, as a personal creative challenge that he called Stop. Think. Make. He decided to create an image based on an idea or insight once a week.

The designs are simple yet clever and fun, like this toothpaste man creation.

And this adorable sock panda.

This "Cracker Chair" is the definition of playing with food.

"Puppermint" looks almost too cute to eat.

Will you try this next time you make pasta?

Who knew capsicum could make such a perfect "Healthy M"?

As for Bahmann's favourite artwork? It's this super cute crayon spaceship, "Liftoff".

"It stands for exploring and creating, and encourages to think like a child," he says.