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23 Secrets Priceline Employees Will Never Tell You

“It’s fucking August and we still have Easter eggs.”

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8. Our bathroom cabinets are basically like a mini-pharmacy thanks to our 10% staff discount.



11. We really have no idea about actual medical things. That is the pharmacist’s job.

Hannah Mars / Buzzfeed

"I do not know if Codral or Sudafed is more effective. Please move away from me with your flu-ridden child."


17. We don’t even bother trying to maintain a manicure because the countless cardboard boxes we're forced to wrestle with are the death of them.

19. We can't deal when the manager asks us to "straighten the re-stock boxes" underneath all the shelves.

"They are under the shelves so that no one can see them. What is the actual point of straightening them?"