35 Absolutely Terrible Things I Can't Believe People's Neighbor's Have Actually Done To Them

    Finding it a little hard to "love thy neighbor" after this post...

    Whether you live in an apartment, a house, a condo, or a college dorm, you most likely have neighbors.

    Sometimes neighbors are great! And sometimes...not so much.

    Here are 35 neighbors you will be very happy you don't have:

    1. I just feel so bad for whoever has a neighbor who left a literal USED DIAPER in front of their door:

    2. And this person, whose neighbor left dog poop at their door:

    3. And this person, whose neighbor left their UNDERWEAR🤢🤢:

    4. Imagine having a neighbor who tries to break into your apartment THROUGH THE WALL:

    5. Or a neighbor whose truck rolled into your house:

    6. Or a neighbor whose kid decided to "decorate" your car:

    7. Be glad you don't have a neighbor who accepts your packages:

    8. Or who literally straight-up steals them:

    9. Can you even imagine having neighbors who not only don't accept your gift, but then call the cops on you for trespassing?

    10. Or neighbors who PEE on your CAR?!?

    11. Some neighbors mean well, but they make really stupid, expensive mistakes:

    12. And some neighbors are intentionally total asshats:

    13. Just count yourself lucky you don't have this guy's neighbor, who broke his car charger cover (causing the charger to break) on Christmas:

    14. Or this neighbor, whose kid broke an antique item with sentimental value:

    15. Or this neighbor, who vomited over their balcony:

    16. You could be unlucky enough to have a neighbor who literally burns leaves every night:

    17. Or who lights fires for seemingly no reason, risking a wildfire:

    18. Or almost blows up your house:

    19. You could have neighbors who never throw their trash away:

    20. Like...ever:

    21. Or a neighbor who gets a U-Haul stuck on your lawn:

    a U-Haul stuck in the grass on a lawn

    22. I don't know who's the bigger asshole, the one who lets their dog poop on your lawn, or the one who literally smears the poop on the person's car as revenge:

    23. Then of course, there's the neighbor who lets their dog poop in their own yard (great!) but literally never cleans it up (gross!):

    24. Or a neighbor who does...whatever's going on here:

    25. You could have a neighbor who literally spies on you:

    26. Or a neighbor whose cat eats through your takeout:

    27. You could have a neighboring church with a sign that would scare God himself away:

    28. You could have neighbors who discuss murdering your cats:

    29. Or who literally shoot your cat (don't worry, the cat made a recovery):

    30. I don't even want to know why this person thought it was OK to ask their neighbor to let their dogs roam their apartment:

    31. Or what gave this person the audacity to say, "Sorry but relax," about blasting the TV at 2 a.m. on a weeknight:

    32. I am SO GLAD I don't have neighbors sending me letters like this:

    33. And also that I don't have a mailbox for drunk neighbors to take out or a driveway and lawn for them to ruin:

    34. And also neighbors who just generally mess with your stuff:

    35. Or, finally, a neighbor who literally requires a SWAT team to remove:

    What's been your worst experience with a neighbor? Let us know in the comments below!