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Tell Us About A Movie That Nailed Its First 5 Minutes

The Iron Man opening simply cannot be beat.

Some movies take a while to get into, but others pull you in RIGHT from the start.

Whether it's an intriguing flash-forward, the perfect prologue, or just a flawless music choice, some movies just nail their first five minutes.

Maybe you think the short flash-forward at the start of Iron Man perfectly sets up Tony's character and the plot.

Tony takes a picture with a soldier who throws up a peace sign, saying he loves peace but would be out of a job with it, then there's an explosion and Tony is injured by one of his own weapons and he wakes up kidnapped

Maybe from the moment you heard the opening lines of "The Sound of Music" in The Sound of Music, you were hooked by the music and scenery.

Or maybe you're more into comedies. I still think the naked breakup scene at the start of Forgetting Sarah Marshall is pretty darn iconic.

Sarah tells Peter she loves him and Peter realizes she's breaking up with him and drops his towel

A Quiet Place honestly has one of the best openings of all time. It perfectly sets up the situation and brings you into the world — it's also heartbreaking.

Lee hears a noise and runs back for Beau, who's playing with an airplane, before he's attacked by a creature, as Evelyn and Regan look on in horror

And finally, I hate to say it, but the whole naked dance opening of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me is peak '90s comedy to me.

Now it's your turn! What's your favorite movie opening? Let us know what it is and what makes it such a great opening in the comments below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!