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Tell Us The Series Finale That Has The Best-Ever Closing Line

Forever obsessed with that Sharp Objects ending.

Nailing a series finale is a hard thing to do, but some shows get it perfectly.


Even more specifically than that, some shows have the best-ever final line.


For example, Gossip Girl has a great final line from Gossip Girl herself, suggesting that her legacy continues.

The CW

Maybe you think "Hello, brother" is the perfect final line for The Vampire Diaries, as it was the first line Damon ever said in the series, too.

Damon saying "hello brother" in the pilot and finale
The CW

I personally love when Michael ends The Good Place with "Take it sleazy" as a reference to Eleanor.

stranger tells Michael to take it easy, and Michael tells him to take it sleazy

But nothing is better than Amma ending Sharp Objects with "Don't tell mama," revealing that she was behind all the murders.


What's YOUR favorite closing line of a series finale? Let us know what the line is and why it's your favorite in the comments below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!