39 Actually Useful Websites That You Probably Have Never Heard Of

    BRB, bookmarking all of these.

    Recently, Reddit user u/Merlijn-69 asked, "What are underrated websites and what do you use them for?" And boy, did Reddit deliver. Here are some of the most useful websites!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    1. The Most Dangerous Writing App

    homepage for the app, with the option to generate a prompt or write without one

    2. Is the McDonald's Ice Cream Machine Broken?

    map showing McDonald's locations and if the machine is down, with percentages of how many machines are down in different places

    3. Future Me

    email box to your future self, with a place to write and input when you want it delivered

    4. Scream Into the Void

    dark void image with the title "scream into the void" and a place to type your feelings then hit "scream"

    5. Everynoise

    a bunch of different niche music styles with varying distances from each other

    6. Does the Dog Die?

    The site, which advertises tracking 70+ categories, like choking and kidnapping

    7. Tip of My Tongue

    places to enter the partial word, letters, or meaning, and refine search to find what word is on the tip of your tongue

    8. Know the Chain

    homepage with an image of a forest and a short description of the goal of helping companies operate with more transparency, as well as a company search bar

    9. Run Pee (technically an app)

    screenshot of an example page for a Star Wars film, telling you that the next pee time is 8 minutes away and describing what happens during that part of the film

    10. Falling Fruit

    map with a description of a black raspberry bush in Pawtucket marked with a dot

    11. Color Schemes Generator (similarly, Colormind)

    five different colors with names and labels next to each other

    12. Window Swap

    photo of greenery outside a window in the Phillipines

    13. Natural Reader

    homepage advertising powerful text-to-speech with buttons to watch a video or go to the reader

    14. Outline

    example of an article with no ads

    15. My Fridge Food

    16. Get Human

    button to skip waiting on hold with hours for the company and a wait time

    17. Radio Garden

    zoomed in map of Europe with tiny dots and a circle with a song playing on the left

    18. Blank Slate

    blank white page with the words "just start typing"

    19. Just Watch

    20. Future Timeline

    2020-2029 timeline contents, stating that the Arctic is becoming free of sea ice and that a major earthquake will hit, while we'll progress towards eliminating malaria

    21. Forvo

    the word Buenos Aires with a bunch of languages and a play button for pronunciation

    22. Boil the Frog

    Weezer and Lady Gaga put in as the artists and a "boil the frog" button which gives a list of songs to connect them

    23. Camel Camel Camel

    "amazon price history" with a list of the current, highest, lowest, and average prices for an item

    24. Free Camp Sites

    map with little icons of campsites and reviews on the right side

    25. Time and Date

    26. Free Rice

    vocab question asking what "advection means" with multiple choice options

    27. Random.org

    random number generator where you put in a min and a max and generate a random number

    28. The Global Network of Discovery

    29. What 3 Words

    a map with New York City Hall on it and a connection to other apps to use to navigate

    30. Worn on TV

    three different women in dresses with stock photos of the dresses next to them

    31. Salary Converter

    area to put source and target country with an amount in local currency, where you can then calculate how much money you would need to have the same income as that in the target country

    32. Kosmi

    dark screen with a welcome and button to create a room or join a public lobby

    33. PDF24 Tools

    a page with a bunch of options, like merge, compress, edit, or split PDF

    34. Shop by Sub

    picture of amazon aquarium products with how many upvotes they got on Reddit

    35. DeepL translator

    translation page where you can type in one language and translate to another

    36. Photopea

    photo-shop like photo editing website

    37. Remove Reddit

    page showing removed reddit threads

    38. IMSLP Petrucci Music Library

    IMSLP home page that advertises sharing the world's public domain music with a search bar

    39. And finally, Erase.bg or Remove.bg

    button to upload image

    That's all for today! If you know any other useful underrated websites, let me know in the comments!