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    39 Actually Useful Websites That You Probably Have Never Heard Of

    BRB, bookmarking all of these.

    Recently, Reddit user u/Merlijn-69 asked, "What are underrated websites and what do you use them for?" And boy, did Reddit deliver. Here are some of the most useful websites!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    1. The Most Dangerous Writing App

    homepage for the app, with the option to generate a prompt or write without one

    "Sometimes when I just have to force myself to start writing, whether it be for class assignments or personal use, I use Squibbler's the Most Dangerous Writing App, which deletes your work if you stop writing before the time limit runs out/word count is reached. It's a bit sadistic for me to go at it this way, but hey, it works."


    2. Is the McDonald's Ice Cream Machine Broken?

    map showing McDonald's locations and if the machine is down, with percentages of how many machines are down in different places

    "I use this to check whether the ice cream machines at the nearest McDonald's near me are broken or not."


    3. Future Me

    email box to your future self, with a place to write and input when you want it delivered

    "You can use it to 'send emails to the future you.' Been using it for almost three years. It helps put into perspective how much has changed over the course of a year."


    4. Scream Into the Void

    dark void image with the title "scream into the void" and a place to type your feelings then hit "scream"

    "You can just type in whatever you want: rants, secrets, or just get stuff off your chest. It gets sent into the void, where no one can see what you wrote. Very satisfying."


    5. Everynoise

    a bunch of different niche music styles with varying distances from each other

    "A visual chart of various musical genres. When you click on one, you get a small sample of the genre. Clicking on the arrows by the genre gives you a chart of artists within that genre. There's a search bar, and if you search your favorite artists in it, it can classify the genres it's in. There are also Spotify playlists for each genre."


    6. Does the Dog Die?

    The site, which advertises tracking 70+ categories, like choking and kidnapping

    "Like it says, you can look up movies and see whether the dog in the movie dies. There are other categories, too, but I mainly use it to check whether the dog dies."


    "This site helped after a friend went through a miscarriage. There’s a tag for movies that reference miscarriages, and it’s wild how many movies probably need a content warning for that."


    7. Tip of My Tongue

    places to enter the partial word, letters, or meaning, and refine search to find what word is on the tip of your tongue

    "It’s really effective and has helped me countless times. I always seem to want a word when I’m writing but forget what the actual word is."


    8. Know the Chain

    homepage with an image of a forest and a short description of the goal of helping companies operate with more transparency, as well as a company search bar

    "It's an organization that compares and tracks the policies and ethics of major companies. With all the finger-pointing regarding big businesses, I think it's a great place to get a fairly reliable picture of things. Just be sure to never take information from one source as gospel. Try checking to make sure that information lines up with other sources."


    9. Run Pee (technically an app)

    screenshot of an example page for a Star Wars film, telling you that the next pee time is 8 minutes away and describing what happens during that part of the film

    "It tells you the best time for a bathroom break during a movie and gives a brief description of what you would miss."


    10. Falling Fruit

    map with a description of a black raspberry bush in Pawtucket marked with a dot

    "It's a website that shows you where local fruit trees or bushes are so you can go pick them. Good for frugal people, or home winemakers."


    11. Color Schemes Generator (similarly, Colormind)

    five different colors with names and labels next to each other

    "It automatically generates colors that go well together. You can lock in which ones you like and generate more that go well with those, too. It's useful for everything art related. I use it for coloring Blender models."


    " generates palettes for designers. (You can lock colors you like so it generates other colors accordingly.)"


    12. Window Swap

    photo of greenery outside a window in the Phillipines

    "It lets you see the view from people's windows around the world. As several users have pointed out, the videos on the site aren't live feeds, but hopefully you'll still find it interesting anyway."


    13. Natural Reader

    homepage advertising powerful text-to-speech with buttons to watch a video or go to the reader

    "It's basically a text-to-speech site that lets you copy and paste passages into a text box, and then the computer will read it back to you. I use this as a way of proofreading when I need to type out papers, short stories, or any other lengthy piece of writing. It's nice to use this way because then you can hear your errors read aloud."


    14. Outline

    example of an article with no ads

    " is a lifesaver. Just copy and paste a URL for a news article and it will present it as text only. It's great for removing the eyebleed ads that make so many news sites impossible to read."


    15. My Fridge Food

    "Put in what you have in your kitchen and get ideas for meals. I do believe they have an app, too."


    16. Get Human

    button to skip waiting on hold with hours for the company and a wait time

    "It's a place where the internet will find you a phone number to call to get a human for customer service. If they can’t find one, they will wait in the hold queue for you."


    17. Radio Garden

    zoomed in map of Europe with tiny dots and a circle with a song playing on the left

    "You can listen to live radio from six continents and many countries."


    18. Blank Slate

    blank white page with the words "just start typing"

    "It's a blank website where you can quickly write down a couple of notes and save them or just copy something down. I use it all the time for work or when I don't have a pencil or paper at my desk."


    19. Just Watch


    "It allows me to search for a movie or TV show and tells me where it's streaming."


    20. Future Timeline

    2020-2029 timeline contents, stating that the Arctic is becoming free of sea ice and that a major earthquake will hit, while we'll progress towards eliminating malaria

    "It's the easiest way to spend an hour or two learning about our history/the future."


    Disclaimer: Though based on science and history, these are just predictions.

    21. Forvo

    the word Buenos Aires with a bunch of languages and a play button for pronunciation

    "Forvo is for when you see a word in a different language (or your own!) and you want to know how it’s pronounced, or how it sounds in different accents/dialects. People record themselves saying words and upload it with their general location. I tell everyone I can about this site."


    22. Boil the Frog

    Weezer and Lady Gaga put in as the artists and a "boil the frog" button which gives a list of songs to connect them

    "It's an awesome site where you put two artists in, and it makes a playlist connecting them for you."


    23. Camel Camel Camel

    "amazon price history" with a list of the current, highest, lowest, and average prices for an item

    " lets you see the history of prices of an item on Amazon, and you can also set an alert when the price drops below a certain amount."


    24. Free Camp Sites

    map with little icons of campsites and reviews on the right side

    "It shows you all the free campsites."


    "Just used it to road-trip from LA to Seattle to Denver through Montana/Wyoming and back. It allowed me to just drive and drive to my heart’s content and reliably find somewhere nearby to park overnight. Note: You may need 4x4 clearance for many places, and many are seasonally closed. Read the reviews for notes on accessibility or cell service or if a site is still free for camping."


    25. Time and Date


    " is really useful for date calculations. You can add or subtract from any date — like, if you have no payments for 90 days, what day will it be due if you buy on Monday. If you want to know how old something is or was, it will figure time between two dates in years, days, hours, or minutes. It's surprisingly useful for specific things."


    26. Free Rice

    vocab question asking what "advection means" with multiple choice options

    "It's word quizzes. Every one you answer provides food for impoverished people. If you're going to sit and waste time on your computer, at least you can help feed people."



    random number generator where you put in a min and a max and generate a random number

    "I use it when I need a random number but don’t have my dice with me."


    28. The Global Network of Discovery


    "It's great for new music, books, art, etc. Put in what you like and you can see a network of similar artists you might like."


    29. What 3 Words

    a map with New York City Hall on it and a connection to other apps to use to navigate

    "It's a location service that gives precise coordinates for anywhere in the world, using a sequence of three words. It’s great for meeting up with people. Sure, you can say to meet at the Convention Center, but that’s a huge location. With What 3 Words, you can go directly to the person."


    30. Worn on TV

    three different women in dresses with stock photos of the dresses next to them

    "They are masters at tracking down the exact clothes actors wear in TV shows. AND they often show a similar cheaper option if your budget is not the same as millionaires'."


    31. Salary Converter

    area to put source and target country with an amount in local currency, where you can then calculate how much money you would need to have the same income as that in the target country

    "It compares the cost of living and salaries in different countries."


    32. Kosmi

    dark screen with a welcome and button to create a room or join a public lobby

    "I use for watch parties with friends. You can play games and share your screen with audio, with no installation needed on the host or client side. To anyone who previously used Rabbit/Kast, this is the best alternative I have found."


    33. PDF24 Tools

    a page with a bunch of options, like merge, compress, edit, or split PDF

    "It's for literally anything from turning pages to comparing PDFs, signing, converting, extracting text/pictures, coloring stuff in, adding watermarks or whatever. If there is something you want to change about your PDF, then this is where you want to go. It has saved my grades multiple times."


    34. Shop by Sub

    picture of amazon aquarium products with how many upvotes they got on Reddit

    "I use to find gifts for people. It lists Amazon products mentioned in comments on Reddit, grouped by subreddit, and lets you sort by the number of upvotes that comment got. I was tired of creating posts every time I wanted to try a new hobby, and wondered what that hobby's subreddit suggested for gear or other things, so I created the site! It hasn't gotten any traction yet, but my buddies and I find it useful — I hope you do, too!"


    35. DeepL translator

    translation page where you can type in one language and translate to another

    "I use DeepL for translations instead of Google Translate. Although language options are still limited, the results are more natural and elegant. I'm a bilingual Chinese and English speaker and use this whenever I can't remember how to say a phrase in the other language."


    "Deepl runs off of the main online dictionary at, which is a complete and utter lifesaver for people wanting to learn languages. It will give you the word you're looking for, with all secondary or tertiary meanings, and will also give you sentences with examples of the searched phrase."


    36. Photopea

    photo-shop like photo editing website

    "It's an online image editor with Photoshop features."


    "Everyone who doesn’t need super-high Photoshop levels should use this. It has most of the features of Adobe Photoshop and is probably the best discovery I have ever made on the internet (other than DaVinci Resolve editing software)."


    37. Remove Reddit

    page showing removed reddit threads

    "It shows you the content of most removed posts and comments on Reddit."


    38. IMSLP Petrucci Music Library

    IMSLP home page that advertises sharing the world's public domain music with a search bar

    "It's a library of public domain classical sheet music. You can pretty much find any classical music over 100 years old. I stopped buying sheet music when I discovered it. Plus, it's pretty easy to send music to students during e-class in lockdown."


    39. And finally, or

    button to upload image

    " does a pretty solid job at removing the background of any image. You can even just Ctrl + V. Con: It lowers quality a little."


    " is what helped me make a new photograph required for my school application. While other people went to actual studios, I just modified my selfie."




    That's all for today! If you know any other useful underrated websites, let me know in the comments!