24 Tumblr Puns That Will Either Make You Shake Your Head Or Burst Out Laughing

    I hate that I found these funny.

    1. This pepper that was chili:

    a tiny pepper that someone calls too small — then someone replies that the person should put a sweater on him because he's chilly

    2. This answer we should've seen coming:

    somebody writes "do she got" then puts a map of Djibouti, and another responds with a picture of the city Shidu

    3. This series of puns that just got better and better:

    someone calls the invention of the shovel groundbreaking, another says the invention of the broom swept the nation, and a third says the invention of the wheel got things rolling

    4. This one that made me go SMH:

    "so a guy gave his friend 10 puns hoping that one of them would make him laugh. sadly, no pun in ten did"

    5. This simple yet effective pun:

    "my little brother just fucking threw a milk carton at me wtf how dairy"

    6. This classic pun that deserves to go down in history:

    "there's a line between a bad joke and a dad joke — you'll know when it becomes apparent"

    7. This fun font joke:

    "You've heard of alphabet soup, now get ready for times new ramen"

    8. This bench that set a pun into stone:

    a cemetery bench that says "please sit awhile, enjoy the view, it's on us"

    9. This series of Russian puns that were just so great:

    "Russia coming 15 minutes late to the 1917 revolution holding tsarbucks" with replies like "15 minutes late they clearly weren't RUSSian" and "looks like they were STALin"

    10. This predictable ending to a post:

    someone asks what cum is — another says it means "with" in latin, like the phrase summa cum laude – someone says "haha i cum real laude all the time"

    11. This time a pun hater got punned:

    Someone wishes whoever created puns to die a horrible death.  Someone adds "it would've had to be a pretty killer pun though" and another says "you could say you want him to be...punished?"

    12. This absolutely delightful Muppets pun:

    "how many times do I have to tell you, before you can test for your muppet license, you need to get your learner's kermit"

    13. And this even better history one:

    someone says 23% of the crew on the Santa Maria ship was named Juan, and another replies "that's nearly a three to juan ratio"

    14. This pun that reminded us how old we are:

    someone replies to an old photo of a school projector with "this might go over the heads of some of the kids on here"

    15. This low-hanging fruit that still made me chuckle:

    someone says "I wrote a song about a tortilla," and then they reply "actually it's more of a wrap"

    16. This time when someone saw the opportunity and took it:

    Someone tells their friend they have 1 coworker who doesn't believe bisexual people exist, and another who thinks we don't need bees. Their friend replies "sounds like your coworkers need to learn about the bi's and the bees"

    17. This fun religious pun that made the rounds on Catholic Tumblr:

    "hot dumb boy who is religious — call that a hymnbo" then the user saying the post is making the rounds on Catholic tumblr

    18. This story with an ending that literally made me shut my computer:

    a long joke about a man taking his girlfriend to prom and waiting in a bunch of lines, but then when he goes to get punch "there's no punchline"

    19. This pun we should've seen coming:

    "A book fell on my head yesterday" with the response "I guess I only have my shelf to blame"

    20. This bird pun that was so fly (sorry):

    "If a Norwegian robot analyzes a bird, it Scandinavian"

    21. This very compelling reason for Dolly Parton to become president:

    "Dolly for President so she can issue Dolly Pardons"

    22. The jokes this giant pineapple arrangement spawned:

    a bunch of pineapples are arranged together into a giant pineapple — people call it a "meta-pineapple," "primeapple," and "Pinius Prime"

    23. This shirt that I actually need:

    a shirt that says "Well paint me green and call me a pickle, 'cause I'm done dillin' with you bitches"

    24. And finally, this absolutely sinful collection of Satan puns:

    someone says "hail satan, rain satan, snow satan" and another replies "tomorrow there is a 90% chance of precipisatan" and "it'll be foggy in the morning, lots of condensatan"