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    19 Tumblr Posts That Aged Poorly In The COVID Era

    If only we knew what we know now...

    Alright, guys. It's been almost a year since we started serious lockdowns in the US, and over a year since the first COVID case. We're in this for the long run.

    But...we didn't know that when this started. We certainly didn't know what we would face and how long this would last BEFORE it started. In light of that, here are 22 Tumblr posts that I simply cannot believe were posted before/at the start of the pandemic.

    1. This vivid mental image that proved prophetic:

    "*gas mask breathing noises* you know where the nearest taco bell is" response: "*muffled plague doctor mask noises* down the block to the left" then another response with the timestamp from 2019 saying "ahead of their time"

    2. And this statement from a bot that proved more true than anyone would've thought:

    "sad but true: it doesn't matter if people die as a result, opening a sports-themed bar & grill is too important" response: august 11, 2018

    3. This sentiment from a sweet summer child who was so young, so naive:

    "Happy 2020, everyone!! We're all gonna kick ass this year, I know it!" with a photo added of a man in a paper bag hat with a sad face on it

    4. And this other hopeful post that was basically the equivalent of saying "what could possibly go wrong?":

    someone reposts a facebook post about how all the holidays in 2020 are on weekends/the perfect days and 2020 is going to be great, adding the meme of Ben Affleck smoking upset

    5. This strange clickbait that seemed to see into the future:

    someone reposts a clickbait titled "tom hanks never expected to get this disease" and others say it was like a prophecy

    6. This wish for April, which unfortunately was not granted:

    a meme asking "is 3 a lot?" with the response "Depends on the context. Dollars, no. Months filled with catastrophes, yes"  and a response to the meme that says "if April ends up worse I swear to God"

    7. This post about a careful pharmacist who seemed ready for all of this back in 2016:

    2015 post about a pharmacist telling a man to leave and spraying lysol everywhere because what he has is contagious, and people saying now the pharmacist was ahead of the curve

    8. This post that was supposed to be about Animal Crossing but took on a whole new meaning:

    a tweet saying "need march and april off for personal reasons unrealted to animal crossing" then replying to themselves later saying "this did not age well"

    9. And this sentiment, which was a bit premature considering where we are now:

    people pointing at a painting that's been edited to look like the coronavirus saying "I've had enough of this dude" timestamped from March, saying it's funnier the more time goes on

    10. This post from the start of the pandemic, when this poor innocent soul simply had no idea just how many centuries of March 2020 we would have:

    "so grateful to have lived in three centuries: 20th, 21st, and March 2020"

    11. This post that became offensive four years later:

    balloons saying 1402 and the text "my new years resolution is not to get the plage" and the response "this is gonna be really offensive if another plague ever starts" dated 2016

    12. This prediction which was, sadly, true:

    someone says leap years have been bad so 2020 will be terrible, then a meme joking that the OP had the powers of prophecy

    13. This meme, which had no idea how many months it would go through:

    meme of Bart from The Simpsons saying "this is the worst month of 2020" and Homer correcting "The worst month so far," with January crossed out to be February then March

    14. This post about vaccination that could also have been said last weekend, except about grandparents and healthcare workers instead of children:

    "Since St. Valentine was also the patron saint of the plague, let's celebrate this year's Valentine's Day by vaccinating your fucking children" Response: "Date of origin: February 2015"

    15. This post that was probably about mono or something but has a whole new meaning now:

    "*kisses u" teehee *spreads my disease to you* dated September 2019

    16. This joke which now rings a little too close to home:

    "sorry I have bubonic plague i cant hang out tonight" response: "aw rats"

    17. This dark joke that turned out to be far too true:

    In 2018, someone says urban supercities would depopulate only for the plague, and calls it something to look forward to in 2020 — later the OP goes back to say "oh for fuck's sake"

    18. This GIF that just became more and more applicable as time went on:

    19. And finally, this joke that we probably thought was funny at the time but now makes me wonder who had a crystal ball:

    meme saying "when it's finally 2020 but you realize both 1820 and 1920 had massive plague outbreaks" with Geralt from The Witcher saying "fuck"