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    24 Pretty Cool Things People Have, For Some Reason, Decided Are Awful

    If loving pumpkin spice is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

    Recently, Reddit user u/lit3rallyuseless asked "What doesn't deserve the hate it gets?" Here are some of the best responses!

    1. "Actors who played characters that people didn’t like."

    Disney+ / Marvel

    2. "Opossums. They're neat little critters. They eat tons of ticks that carry Lyme disease, (mostly) don't carry rabies because their body temp is too low, and they're the only marsupial native to North America!"

    Stan Tekiela Author / Getty Images

    "They get a bad rap because their first defense is to hiss and bare teeth, but failing that, they just play dead. If you don't have the predisposition to hate them, you'll find they're pretty cute too."


    3. "Sleeping with stuffed animals."


    "Listen, I’m not scared to say that I happily cuddle to sleep with my stuffed babies. They make me feel safe and secure, and that’s something I’ll probably never grow out of."


    4. "Pumpkin spice. It gets associated as 'generic white girl shit' but goddammit, that shit is tasty! I look forward to every fall when pumpkin spice comes back."

    5. "Nickelback. Sure, they aren't the best band in history, but they don't deserve the meme-like status they've received."

    Nathan Congleton / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

    6. "The missionary position. Feels fantastic, isn’t too strenuous, and can be as intimate or dirty as you make it."

    7. "Black cats"

    8. "Customer service associates"



    "I hate when customers think that I, the minimum wage person forced to sit there and listen to them yell, am personally responsible for every policy they disagree with. Like, ma’am, if I had that much power and influence, I wouldn’t be sitting here on a Saturday evening serving you."


    9. "Minivans. Super luxo inside, can tow a trailer or boat, hauls more than a small truck, and [has] all-wheel drive."

    Don Mason / Getty Images


    "People dunk on minivans a lot, but you never hear a peep about it when the squad wants to roll eight deep and your man pulls up in the soccer mom van. That's the hero of the night right there. Getting the whole squad to a bar? Minivans can fit so many big bois in there."


    10. "Sharks. They are beautiful, complex creatures, deserving of respect and, like any wild animal, should be left alone in their natural habitat, but they get this reputation as vicious bloodthirsty monsters."


    "This is only because every shark attack is news, and only then because they are so rare. More people are killed EVERY DAY by mosquitoes than sharks kill in a year. Any apex predator that has remained evolutionarily unchanged for hundreds of millions of years, whose existence predates TREES, is deserving of our respect and admiration. Shine on, you cartilaginous fish, shine on."


    11. "Puns. Everyone always acts like they're so cringey, when secretly, I think we all know how great they are."

    The WB

    12. "Meteorologists. They try their best to predict the weather based on patterns, models, and data. They're not perfect because predicting the weather is insanely difficult. When they get it wrong, I think we should go easy on them. It was probably an outlier result almost no one could have foreseen."


    13. "Cartoons [for kids]. Some are actually really good, even as an adult."



    "I feel like watching cartoons aimed at generally a younger audience allows for you to be reminded of some life lessons. I know I forget some things, or didn't realize others, or it at least partially renews my awareness of something I should still like or appreciate."


    14. "Guy Fieri. He literally is the nicest person in the world, but since he looks like he was electrocuted by Mountain Dew, people want to saw his head off."

    John Lamparski / Getty Images

    15. "(Insert current video game popular with kids) Be it Minecraft or Fortnite or Roblox or whatever, there always seems to be a game out which is fashionable to shit all over just because a certain group of people you find personally annoying enjoy."

    phone with Roblox screen on it
    Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

    "Sure, I find the Minecraft build tutorials narrated by someone who hasn't blown their nose once in their 14 years of life annoying, but you know what, he's putting it out there and good on him."


    16. "The younger generations."



    "I'm in my mid-thirties and have had a lot of coworkers in their early and mid-twenties, as my workplace hires a lot of new grads, and they've all been fantastic. Obviously no one is perfect, but as a group, they've been SO hardworking and SO kind, very open-minded and accepting."


    17. "I can understand a fear or phobia of snakes because we're instinctually afraid of them ... Hating snakes, though? Most of them leave you alone and mind their business as long as you mind yours."

    Rebecca Richardson / Getty Images

    18. "Spiders. They're one of the backbones of the earth's ecosystem because they prey on so many pests, but people hate them because they're creepy-looking and occasionally dangerous if provoked."

    Warner Bros.

    19. "Everything teenage girls like. They get hate for liking girly stuff; they get hate for being 'not like other girls'; they get hate for being 'fake-geeks'; they get hate for liking edgy stuff. Just let teenage girls like stuff."

    Nick David / Getty Images

    20. "Living with your parents rather than roommates into your twenties. It just makes sense to stay in a comfortable (and possibly much more financially stable) environment if you do, in fact, have that option."

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    "So sick of, 'You still live with your parent/parents??' ...Yep and I’m more financially stable therefore emotionally stable than half the people I know that are my age and trying to accommodate social standards!"


    21. "SPAM (the canned SPiced hAM product, not trash email). I make SPAM musubi about three times a year. At least once a year, my family has fried SPAM sandwiches for supper. We would probably have it more often if it wasn't so expensive."

    Rubberball / Getty Images

    22. "Am I allowed to say country music? Like, I don’t even listen to it, but whenever someone says they like country music, someone else is gonna gag in their face. A lot of it is formulaic, but so is pop. And most hit songs of any genre. And there’s also decent country music. The root of modern pop is country rock. Music snobs need to take a seat on this one."

    23. "Unemployed people. A lot of people genuinely are looking for work and did not want to lose their last job/it was beyond their control (like a layoff), but they get so much hate and called lazy by most people."


    "I know too many unemployed people that are actually really trying hard. They definitely aren’t lazy."


    24. And finally..."You. You reading this — you don't deserve the hate you get from yourself. Let up. Be kind. You would do it for someone else."


    H/T AskReddit.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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