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I've Had Depression For A Decade — Here Are The 17 Things I'm Most Sick Of Hearing

Sometimes it's OK to just say nothing at all.

Talking about mental illness has become SO much more accepted in the last decade, but it's still super stigmatized, and let's be real...people are still saying a ton of stupid shit about it.

As someone who's heard it alllll, here are just a few things I am sick and tired of hearing.

"when you say you're having a tough day"

1. "You'll feel better tomorrow."

2. And its more modern twin, "You'll feel better if you come out!"

3. This may seem odd, but..."What's wrong?" or "What happened?"

"when you tell people you have depression"

4. "What happened to you?"

5. Any sort of unsolicited advice about things that'll help, but ESPECIALLY "you just need to work out" or "you need to eat better."

6. Especially coupled with things like "it worked for my cousin" or something.

7. Asking for you to diagnose them (or worse, a friend or family member).

"When you tell people you're in therapy

8. "Why are you in therapy?"

9. And its twin: "If you're doing better, why are you still in therapy?"

10. "Do you talk about me?"

"when you tell people you're on medication"

11. Asking if medication makes you a different person.

12. "So, will you go crazy if you stop taking your meds?"

13. "Wouldn't you rather not put chemicals in your body?"

14. "But you don't want to take them forever."

15. And its twin: "If you feel better, why are you still taking them?"

"and finally, just general things to avoid when talking to anyone"

16. Ranting about overmedication and everyone taking "happy pills."

17. And finally...commenting on celebrities' mental health.

Others with depression — what bothers you that people without depression say? Let us know in the comments!